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Red Magazine March 2016 Cover
Red Magazine (Magazine Cover)
published: March 2016
How To Do Christmas In Style
Marks & Spencer (Editorial)
published: December 2015
Entertainment Weekly October 16, 2015 Co...
Entertainment Weekly (Magazine Cover)
published: 10/16/2015
Have No Fear of Perfection - You'll Neve...
Commons & Sense Magazine (Editorial)
published: Fall 2015
Vacanze a Miami
Glamour Italia (Editorial)
published: July 2015
Beauty and the Bling
Red Magazine (Editorial)
published: May 2015
The art of the art, the GLORY of express...
Glass Magazine (Editorial)
season: Summer 2015
Come Un Film
Glamour Italia (Editorial)
published: April 2015
Global Shopping
Vogue China (Editorial)
published: February 2015
Mama Is Back
Allure Russia (Editorial)
published: February 2015