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September 22, 2004
V-Man Power!

David Beckham. Ph by David Sims for V Man 3 Fall/Winter 04
Its been a boom time for men's magazines in the U.S. with new books like Vitals and Cargo nestling beside tradional titles like Esquire, Details and G.Q. But for those who like their men's fashion to be super-slick, knowing and a little perverse, then V Man continues to be the top ticket. Here's an advance preview of the Fall/Winter cover boasting world class clotheshorse David Beckham. The issue is of course, brimming with point perfect content including the cleverest accessories story we've seen in ages, titled Make A Face, a genius retrospective hair story on Didier Malige and a Willy Vanderperre layout that is so Arena 80's, it got a double head nod.What we really want to know though is where to get that gorgeous quilted black satin bedspread featured on pages 76 - 77. (P.S. Don't you just love that the Alphabet story in the premiere issue of V Man has been converted into a T-shirt line by Joe McKenna. We're first in line!)...Speaking of which, do check out the current issue of New Yorker magazine featuring some of the cattiest fashion gossip (in the article of Paris' Dave restauraunt) since the hey day of Chic Happens, as well as a very major article on Mert n Marcus plus an incredibly incisive overview of Irving's Penn's work. Applause!
Posted by wayne at 06:20 PM
September 20, 2004
Fashion Week Backstage

The MDC Fashion Week round up of the Spring/Summer 2005 shows in NY...Exclusive backstage scenes and parties of Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2005 in New York: Heatherette, Rosa Cha, Esteban Cortazar, Proenza Schouler and some cool fashion week parties!...
Posted by wayne at 04:40 PM
September 17, 2004
Fashion Week Round Up

Josh Hartnett Ph. by Betty Sze for MDC
What a week that was in NY! The young and the restless were in full force this Fashion Week with...Paris Hilton gladly stripping off her last look at Heathrette so Naomi (literally streaking in from Fashion Rocks) could walk the finale. Rockers Lenny Kravtiz and Steven Tyler jamming in the basement of Lenny's and director Antoine Fuqua's new boite. Gemma Ward/IMG emerging as being even more wanted than ever. And then there was the mad-cap MDC/Yellow Fever dinner at Mileu graced by MDC's new No 1 face Daria/IMG, actor Benicio del Torrio, Rianne /Elite, Lydia Hearst/Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lisa Cant/ Trump, Alexandre von Furstenberg and the aforementioned Mr Fuqua. For these and more highlight stay tuned to our Fashion Week round-up!
Posted by wayne at 01:00 PM
September 15, 2004
The Coolest Imprint Alive Right This Second. Pt 1

The Legend Of Leigh Bowery.Charles Atlas. Palm Pictures DVD

If you love images (and a love of fashion is often times the by-product of the adoration of pure image) then there are certain visuals that can change your way of seeing, if not your way of thinking. As such, you have not truly lived in your contemporary visual culture until you have seen the images of Leigh Bowery dancing in a head-to-toe polyester sheath, writhing as if his dancing was an escape act.
You have not lived the first emerging visuals of the 21st century until you've seen Ursula Andress recline majestically while wearing a crystal head dress in Matthew Barney's Cremaster opus. These DVD's and more ( notably the must collect Director's Label video series featuring the work of Spike Jonz, Chris Cunnigham and Michel Gondry) are part of the amazing library being compiled at a very audacious media company called Palm Pictures. This company is at the forefront of the DVD revolution that puts the kind of esoteric work that was usually restricted to the fashion world's image making elite in the hands of the general public. These are the filmic references that are becoming a truer reflection of today's image culture than the retro impulses that feed most mainstream magazines . MDC was more than happy to catch up with Palm Pictures's Ed Rivadavia, Head of Digital Marketing Services for the scoop on this potent media imprint.

1.Ed, Could you give a little background on Palm Pictures.And also elaborate on your role there.

Palm Pictures was started in 1998 by Island Records founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Chris Blackwell, following his sale of Island to Polygram. Looking to expand beyond music industry boundaries, CB shaped Palm into an independent multi-media company which distributes innovative music and film projects, with a particular focus on the DVD format.

Breaking that down some more, we're involved with films for both theatrical and DVD release, music documentaries, anime (Manga - - which we just sold, actually), print (RES Magazine, also promoter of the yearly, world-roving RES Fest - &, Palm Music a record label ( - a fully functioning record label reposponsible for a wide range of releases from the likes of downtempo act Zero 7, world music superstars Baaba Maal and Gigi, British chanteuse Martina Topley-Bird, rock icons Sparks, and new alternative talent like Earlimart and Moving Units), and various web properties, including music on demand mainstay Epitonic ( and the award winning Sputnik7 ( Palm music owned Rykodisc for a few years, but that was spun off three years ago.

My role at Palm as Head of Digital Marketing Services involves all of the above areas in one way or another. Mostly, I market and promote all theatrical, DVD and music releases to major web destinations (MSN, Real Networks, AOL, Yahoo!,, etc.) and independent entertainment/music/film websites alike, distributing digital assets such as ecards, trailer streams and mp3s to offer consumers samples of our products. I also manage all of our digital download initiatives (Apple iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch, etc.), coordinate the creation of websites, ecards and other assets cited above, and maintain our various websites.

2.Why select these film properties? Its an incredibly eclectic selection. What's the uniting idea?

Palm is very much the result of Chris Blackwell's vision - that is to always operate slightly to the side of the mainstream. It's this philosophy which allowed him to discover and sign artists like Bob Marley, U2 and Melissa Etheridge during his years with Island, and which now results in our working such an eclectic roster of films, documentaries and music artists. I suppose the unifying idea is still very much the Bob Marley credo of ONE LOVE, but, really, the slightly left, or outside the mainstream philosophy aplies as well.

3. Who do you see as that ideal customer buying the product?

Palm's ideal consumer - like Palm - is eclectic and open-minded by nature and always looking for something new. Over the years, we have discovered that, more so than limiting ourselves to specific niches or styles, it's that very willingness to experiment and take chances, that has gained Palm so many loyal customers. Most of these don't always know WHAT to expect from Palm, only that they'll be pleasantly surprised - whatever it is.

4. Is your company distribution only? Are there plans to go into actual film production?

There have been discussions of producing our own projects now and then, but as far as I know, nothing concrete at this juncture. I believe we own a few development rights that have yet to be moved on. But even if and when this move takes place, we'll probably remain focused on acquisitions - at least for the short term.
Posted by wayne at 05:00 PM
The Coolest Imprint Alive Right This Second Pt 2

Cremaster 3.The Order. Matthew Barney. Palm Pictures DVD

5a.Are there plans for more Director Series videos after Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze.

Yes, we are deep into negotiations with 4 directors right now (including Mark Romanek and Jonathan Glazer) with a projected Spring 2005 release. In the meantime, the original 3 will be packaged as a box set for late October.

5b. How did those 3 end up being the first trio.

As the story goes, Spike Jonze had been wanting to compile his work onto a DVD for some time and, about a year previous, Palm had issued a similar release entitled Hype Williams - the Videos. Somehow, someway, Spike or Palm approached each other and it was Spike who roped in his friends Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry and convinced them to start the so-called Directors Label imprint.

5c. What kind of negotiations does it involve to get the rights from so many different artists and record companies?

Damn, that's one for my lawyers, but I can tell you they're pretty hellish negotiations because they of course involve so many artists, labels and other people. I think that's the big reason why no one had taken the time to compile releases like the Directors Label before. Negotiations are insanely time-consuming and complicated, but ultimately, well worth it, obviously. This has also been the case with the next batch of releases, but we'll get them done eventually.

6. How do you convince a blue chip artist like Matthew Barney to allow Plam Pictures to be the outlet for his film work.

That's the beauty of Palm's philosophy - we don't have to. Artists have come to realize that Palm can provide a unique outlet for their work - no matter how niche-oriented - and we are approached by the artists themselves as often as the other way around.

6B. Are there plans for more work from fine artists (Vanessa Beecroft, Douglas Gordon, etc)

We are always looking to do so, yes, particularly under our Arthouse imprint. Current and upcoming releases in this arena include The Legend of Leigh Bowery ( and How to Draw a Bunny - about reclusive New York artist Ray Johnson: (

7.What kind of future work is Palm Pictures are looking to distribute?

Other than our separation from Manga anime, Palm intends to carry on much as we have been, with cutting edge music and film releases, including new albums by Earlimart (, Gigi and Moving Units (, a third installment in the KCRW Sounds Eclectic series ( ), feature films like Reconstruction, Time of the Wolf, 6ixtynin9, Last Life in the Universe, Bright Future, documentaries like Tom Dowd & the Language of Music ( and the Sundance award winning Dig! (, and the next stash of directors label DVDs, of course.

Brilliant! I'd put good money on Palm Pictures as being the very best boutique multi-media house in the biz right this second.

Thank you
Posted by wayne at 04:55 PM
September 14, 2004
What Verve!

Cover of Fairy Tale magazine. Design by Vier5
Oh the perils of graphic design. We're so overloaded with classic and apropriate imagery (that damned Arial font everywhere, the tasteful Brodovitch crop) that sometimes we feel like like M/M spelt the end of graphic design history. But there is clearly hope. Looking incredible for now is the work of Paris based graphic team Vier5 who are making punters blink twice with their loose yet elegant work. The fonts are adventurous, their use of space is novel and with clients like that eternal market leader, Colette giving Vier5 dibs on their in-house magazine it looks like the Zeroes are starting to evolve a unique design aesthetic. And not a second too soon!
Posted by wayne at 06:52 PM
Fast Fashion

Meanwhile on the old school Jamie Reid graphic tip...Yellow Fever strikes again with their now bi-annual bash (co-hosted by MDC) . This season, events go all grown up at tonight's Milieu dinner but we're pretty sure lots of steam will get blown off at the 10pm post-party. Stay tuned for a full on post-Fashion Week wrap up in next week's OTM.
Posted by wayne at 06:45 PM
September 09, 2004
Happy 5th!

Gewn Stefani. Ph Mario Testino for V 31
Can you believe its already been five years for that breakthrough American book, V? To celebrate the flourishing of that now esssential read, V launches a triple cover anniversary issue featuring the so-right-for-now Gwen Stefani. So fresh, so accurate. God Bless them!
Posted by wayne at 06:08 PM
Loving Angelika

Angelika/Vision. Image courtesy of Vision NY
Vision NY's current New Faces board is probably the best its been in the past two years with some standout newcomers who are right there with modeling's front guard. You've simply got to love an LA girl who can turn a standard casting into a spontaneous treatise on the underground roots of Modest Mouse. Talk about making a connection. You've seen Anjelika in that French Vogue story with Erin Wasson and if momentum holds we just may have the Next American Beauty on our hands. She's special this one!
Posted by wayne at 05:36 PM
Kristina Cruises

Kristina/Vision. Image courtesy of Vision NY
Impossibly long legs, perfect posture and a distinct drive (it all but burns in those crystal eyes) marks Kristina as one of those girls who are point perfect for the best runways. At her MDC casting this girl switched from sneakers to heels with the practised fluidity of a pro. She's got it.
Posted by wayne at 05:32 PM
Courting Kori

Kori/Vision. Image courtesy of Vision NY
Breathtaking Kori is right in line to continue the redhead trend recently blazed by Jessica Stam, Heather Marks and Lily Cole. With skin this pristine and eyes this piercing, the girl is an editorial waiting to happen.
Posted by wayne at 05:28 PM
Sanja's Grace

Sanja/Vision. Image courtesy of Visino NY
Sanja's graceful beauty is making her a leading contender going into the Milan show sweepstakes. NY may break them but its Milan than makes them lock into place on the swarming market. More to come.
Posted by wayne at 05:25 PM
Cool Katarina

Katarina/Wilhelmina. Image courtesy of Wilhelmina
For S/s 05 Wilhelmina wows with two distinctly beautiful belles. Hailing from Macedonia, Katrina, this 16 year old stunner is definitely one to watch. This photo alone should speak for itself, but just in case it doesn't, I will do a little speaking on her behalf. Katarina, who began modeling after she won one of the most recent Wilhelmina model searches, has already shot Italian Vogue with Greg Lotus, and has also shot for Citizen K and Stiletto.
Story filed by Ally Kay
Posted by wayne at 04:59 PM
Crazy For Kelsey

Kelsey/Wilhelmina. Ph Kesh for Top Shop
We are sure you recognize Kelsey from her Teen Vogue shoot with Richard Meier, or maybe even from her newly released TopShop campaign. This 15 year old all-American girl from our native Oregon is to die for.the only thing that rivals her legs in length is her never ending mane of hair that is understandably way too beautiful to cut.
Story by Ally Kay
Posted by wayne at 04:55 PM
September 08, 2004
Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dalia/Major. Image courtesy of Major
She's an alumni of the MOTW platform, profiled gorgeously for the current J. Mendel's campaign and now she leads the pack of the Major girls most wanted for the S/S 05 season. Looking even sleeker than ever, Dalia's charts are so clogged, she's looking like a potential star.
Posted by wayne at 04:07 PM
Diana Is Divine

Diana/Major. Image courtesy of Major
Diana has captivated the hearts at Teen Vogue and her playful personality( as well as her on-camera expressiveness) marks her as one of those girls most likely to advance to that next level. Stay tuned.
Posted by wayne at 04:02 PM
Darling Dagmar

Dagmar/Major. Image courtesy of Major
Dagmar is that gorgeous blank slate that an enterprising designer could write a brilliant "discovery" story around. The face is angelic but the clothes hang on the body with a beautiful sophistication.A must-see.
Posted by wayne at 03:59 PM
Ilse Upwards

Ilse/Major. Image courtesy of Major
The tussled hair-cut... the naughty pout and the camera ready attitude! Ilse glows (and glowers) most "editorially" right this minute and gets a double asterik as a girl the photographers are dying to lens.
Posted by wayne at 03:54 PM
September 07, 2004
Hip Pop

Andy Warhol's Interview: 35 Years Of Pop. Publisher:Steidl/Edition 7l
The Warhol cottage industry roars on unabated with that brilliant Phaidon catalog raisonne (Vol I and II) emerging as a must have living room accessory. Add to that the fact that October marks Interview magazine's 35th birthday and you know that some lavishly packaged memorablia is in order.That lavish package will be the much buzzed about boxed set of vintage Interviews from Karl Lagerfeld's 7l publishing company featuring 7 individually bound retrospective books (The Covers,The Pictures,The Interviews,The Andy Warhol Interviews,The Fashion,The Directors, The Back Of The Book). Covering the 1969-1979 scene (and those would include the Disco Years) this is one alpha-mother of a stocking stuffer. And you saw it here first. Stay tuned!
Posted by wayne at 05:52 PM
Keen For Kim

Kim/DNA. Images courtesy of DNA
DNA is indeed awash with beautiful new faces this season .Case in point? Kim Noorda is that rare girl who could claim just about every blue chip runway client, if her schedule permits. So far in NY , Marc Jacobs has had the pleasure of her presence (FW 04), so one can only imagine that her charts are like grid-lock.She could be massive.
Story by Paul Morand
Posted by wayne at 05:28 PM
The Rage For Renee

Renee/DNA. Image courtesy of DNA
She's been brewing quietly in the margins, but its clear that Renee Meijer is one of those stealth models who could just sweep the season in her wake. She's too formidable.
Story filed by Paul Morand
Posted by wayne at 05:24 PM
Ana Catharina On Fire

Ana Catharina/Women. Ph. Paul Rowland
You can never discount a major Brazilian newcomer and Women's latest winner, Ana Catharina certainly has all the necessary ammunition. There's the Julia Roberts-style beauty, the bubbly personality and then there's that walk. Are the Brazilians born wearing heels? Ana Catharina is that impeccable.
Posted by wayne at 05:19 PM
Elegant Eugenia

Eugenia/Women. Ph. Paul Rowland
She may have just swept into town, but as late breaking news, the tide is pretty high for this Latvian stunner. The confirmations are coming in and she's looking like a contender!
Posted by wayne at 05:14 PM
Iza This Instant!

Iza/Karin. Images courtesy of Karin
Karin Models steps to the S/S 05 plate with a suite of classic beauties led by the intriguing Iza, veteran of some major Paris runways. Its her first season in NY and as she has already found her way into Bazaar in the past, she'll be the kind of new face that will naviagte the catwalk with poise.
Posted by wayne at 05:09 PM
Maximum Cordula

Cordula/Karin. Images courtesy of Karin
Straight from Karin's Models New Generation contest in Ecuador, Cordula has been stacking all the right options left and right. The casting directors are calling, so MDC is tracking. Stay tuned!
Posted by wayne at 05:04 PM
Sizzling Suzana

Suzana/Karin. Image courtesy of Karin
Suzana's piercing green eyes could very well be scanning more than her fair share of blue chip shows if the attention of one of fashion's most powerful (and individualistic) designers is to have a say. Stay tuned.
Posted by wayne at 05:01 PM
Gorgeous Gianne

Gianne/Karin. Image courtesy of Karin Models
This elegant newcomer is back to back with requests this week and it is with maximum interest we'll be tracking her runway apperances. The games are on.
Posted by wayne at 04:58 PM
September 03, 2004
They Call Her "Baby Christy"

Alana/Women. Ph: Paul Rowland
Its Women power in the house as the ever formidable team polishes a new line-up of impeccable new faces for the S/S 05 season . For instance...This instictively refined 15 year old was discovered in August at Hunington Beach California during the US Surf Open and what a find has Alana turned out to be. In addition to her beauty and elegant body lines, her poise and self-confidence is so complete, this girl walks with manifest destiny in her eyes. Will Alana be that All-American superstar the modelling world so desperately needs right this minute. We would put good money on that sentiment.
Posted by wayne at 03:22 PM
Incredible Iselin

Iselin/Women. Ph. Paul Rowland
A year ago, the thoroughly chic Iselin was exclusive for the Calvin Klein show. In March 04 she was also on exclusive, this time to Prada. Now she's back in the mix, full time and ready to claim her due title as one of the single must have girls of the moment. Girls this impeccable are once every three years.
Posted by wayne at 03:14 PM
Shannan Rocks!

Shannan/Women.Ph:Paul Rowland
The haircut is very "right for now". The face is ready made for very major editorials, the body... showstopping and the walk, flawless. Shannan Click looks so ready for prime time, she's easily in MDC's Top Ten Newcomers watchlist.
Posted by wayne at 03:10 PM
Melanie Gives It

Melanie/Women. Ph: Paul Rowland
Camilla Nickerson has been loving this impossibly elegant South African for she certainly is the kind of girl who gives you unabated polish on a catwalk. At her MDC casting Melanie sans make-up was so sleek and chic she earned a double asterik. We are watching keenly.
Posted by wayne at 03:04 PM
Sweet Sarah

Sarah S/NY Models. Image D+G campaign . Ph. Steven Klein
Right this minute NY Models is boasting two surefire winners in the New Faces parade...D&G campaign with Steven Klein; Self Service with Terry Richardson; Russian Vogue with Harry Pennocetti; French Vogue with Thiery Legoues; Jane with Derek Henderson; Numero story w/ Greg Kadel; Italian Vogue with Paolo Riversi.. Need we say more? The South African stunner known as Sarah S will blow you away if that roster didn't already do the job.
Story filed by Ally Kay
Posted by wayne at 02:48 PM
Britni's Breakout

Britni/NY Models. Image courtesy of NY Models
We hear that kitten-faced Britni has been shooting up a storm lately, despite only having been modeling for a few months, logging everything from Harper's Bazaar with Horst to Italian Vogue with Greg Lotus to the Philosophy campaign with Azim. There is no question in our minds that this 18 year old cutie from Maine will light up the runways this season.
Story filed by Ally Kay.
Posted by wayne at 02:42 PM
Maria: Full Of Grace

Maria/IMG. Image coutesy of IMG
This just in! Though IMG's suite of belles are right at the front of the pack for the S/S 05 options, a late breaking beauty in the form of Maria, a 15 year old 5' 10" stunner from Canada is stirring up new excitement. With newcomers this stunning, the runways should be rich in stand-out talent this season.Stay tuned.
Posted by wayne at 02:39 PM
Jared Jams

Jared Jones/Major. Image courtesy of Major NY
OTM's New Faces Preview has been admittedly skewed towards the girls in the past month and so its high time we swung the spotlight back onto a boy. Looking extremely sharp this minute is Major's Milan S/S 05 breakout , Jared. He was new Gucci menswear designer, John Ray's model of choice to open and close the Gucci S/S 05 presentation as well as a breakout face for the Calvin Klein's show. With every single significant men's fashion bible putting their options on this quiet Canadian, we suspect he's going to be one to watch for the S/S 05 season....And starting Weds. Sept 8, OTM unleashes its Fashion Week Special featuring the inside scoop on the best new designers, nightspots,books, DVD's, records, kicks, bags and T-shirt for the upcoming sesaon. And yes, there'll be our up-close and intimate backstage coverage as well as updates on the bi-annual Girl Of The Season sweepstakes. Stay tuned!
Posted by wayne at 02:32 PM

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