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August 05, 2004
Alicia Ablaze

Alicia/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
Continuing MDC's S/S05 New Faces Preview, our spotlight now switches to the recently "re-editorialized" Ford board. Fresh discovery 14 year old New Jersey native Alicia Mcelhone, has all the cutting edge clients chomping at the bit to get her on set. At 5' 10" and trailing an instinctive elegance this rare find is on very much on the most watched list, right this minute.
Posted by wayne at 06:30 PM
Narah Now

Narah/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
You're a quiet 17 year old from the South Of Brazil when instantly you are whipped to shoots for V w. Corrine Day, ID w. Marcelo Krasilcic and 10 magazine w Paolo Sutch. All these clients were happy to fly to Brazil for those editorials so Narah's NY debut means that thise girls has the show options stacked sky high.
Posted by wayne at 06:28 PM
Remy Reigns

Remy/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
You've glimpsed Remy before in gigs for CK Jeans and MAC cosmetics. With a repeat CK performance (this time for the CK1 fragrance) expect this former pro-juggler to explode out of the blocks this season. With edits for 10 w. Alex Cayley and Benjamin Alexander, L'Uomo Vogue w. Richard Burbridge and Numero with Solve Sunsbo, she'll certainly have the book worth taking a second spin through.
Posted by wayne at 06:25 PM
Kristyna Shimmering

Krystyna/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
Only 2 days in NY and this Prague native has heads whipping at her go-sees. At this rate Kristyna with her pristine skin and perfect posture, just might nab one of those coveted exclusives. The race for Girl Of The Season is on!
Posted by wayne at 06:21 PM
Alexandra Conquers!

Alexandra/IMG. Pola courtesy of IMG
If bone structure is destiny then Alexandra Tomlinson/IMG, this fetching 18 years old, from Atlanta, Georgia is fated for the major bookings that dreams are made of. MDC hot wired these Polaroids onto OTM with serious immediacy because all signals indicate that this is one of those girls who clients line up for. All-American has never looked so tantalizing!
Posted by wayne at 04:54 PM
The Real Camille

Camille McDonald. Ph courtesy of Camille
Calling all agencies! Calling all agencies! There is a brilliant model on the loose. We met up with stunning Camille McDonald, who you may recognize from her double appearance in our coverage of Caribbean Fashion Week. Standing 5' 9 _" tall, Camille is definitely a sight for sore eyes. But get this, not only is she beautiful, but she is a brainiac, as well. Camille attended Howard University in Washington DC, where she double majored in marketing and advertising, with a minor in fashion; she worked for W magazine and coordinated so many fashion shows for her University that WWD even caught wind and highlighted her as a girl-to-watch in the industry. After a stint on America's Top Model where she felt honored as one of the five runners up, but also felt inaccurately portrayed as the required reality show "diva- with-attitude", Camille is now ready to hit the runways as soon as possible. Camille, who admits she has been scouted so many times she can't even count, has not yet signed with an agency in NYC, because she is "looking for the right one". Now we will let you in on our little secret: we provided her with the contact # of one lucky agent at one lucky agency.. Who might that be? Stay tuned.
Report filed by Ally Kay
Posted by wayne at 04:37 PM

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