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August 27, 2004
Hail Ala Malek

Ala Malek/IMG Image courtesy of IMG
As our S/S New Faces Preview continues, our attention swings to market leader IMG. Headlining the red hot New Faces board is that long awaited sensation Ala Malek.This 19 year old Polish stunner made us stop dead in our tracks a year ago and so its going to be interesting to see how this girl will ride the groundswell of requests raging her way. She's got the personal style, she's got the personality and now a very exclusive path is being laid for Ala to log a dream season. This is one go-see we truly look forward to.
Posted by wayne at 02:55 PM
Tania Tantalizes

Tania/IMG Image courtesy of IMG
This email from IMG touted Tania as being "From Russia with Legs " And it certainly seems as if the stunning march of Russian beauties continues unabated. Already on the map with Arena and having piqued the interest of that major American fashion bible, we look forward to seeing those impeccable legs striding down those A-list catwalks.
Posted by wayne at 02:48 PM
Lily's Lyricism

Lilly Taylor/IMG Image courtesy of IMG
One of L.A's finest, Lily has being modeling for only a scant month but boasts the kind of walk and body that makes clients flashback to the early-90's era of models when the girls made the runway a searing spectacle. A must-see girl!
Posted by wayne at 02:44 PM
More Melissa

Melissa/IMG Image courtesy of IMG
Hailing from the hometown of Gemma Ward (Perth Australia), this almuni of Australian Vogue is wooing NY's suite of clients with her poised, self-posessed cool. That's the kind of personality that directional designers love to embrace.
Posted by wayne at 02:41 PM
Danna Drama

Danna/Marilyn Image courtesy of Marilyn NY
Name: Danna Via Model Of The Week, you know the highlights on Danna, Marilyn's magnificent American girl, making major editorial inroads .(Age: 16. Height: 5'10 1/2". Place of origin: Utah, USA) Fittingly enough she is the girl leading Marilyn's impeccable front line of New Faces for the S/S 05 season Once this girl hits the catwalk, it will be all about manifest destiny. And for that we stay tuned!
Posted by wayne at 02:34 PM
Siren Sydonie

Sydonie/Marilyn Image courtesy of Marilyn NY
Sydonie a 22 year old native of Paris, so excited the team at French Elle, they insisted on having her dashed off NY to join the model fray. Wise move too as Sydonie is already looming as one of Marilyn's new must haves. She's got to be seen in person to be believed!
Posted by wayne at 02:26 PM
Brandi Blooms

Brandi/ Marilyn Polaroid courtesy of Marilyn Ny
How's this for "of the moment". Brandi is so new she doesn't even arrive in NY until Sunday afternoon. And when she does she'll find a backlog of eager clients putting in that go-see request on this winsome All American 15 year old.
Posted by wayne at 02:22 PM
Vanessa Apparent

Vanessa/Marilyn Image courtesy of Marilyn
17 years old and fresh from Marilyn Brazil, the rise of Vanessa has been in the works for the past year. Having only landed in town in July, this is the kind of newly minted girl that exclusives are built around.
Posted by wayne at 02:05 PM
August 20, 2004
Making Melody

Melody/Supreme Image courtesy of Supreme Mgmt
The Supreme Team strikes again, stockpiling a line-up of formidable New Faces for the S/S 05 season. Setting the booking table alight right this minute is 18 year old Delaware native, Melody, one of Supreme's top contenders. A girl this impeccable is once in a blue moon and if our instincts are right, this is one of those girls destined to be very very coveted this season.
Posted by wayne at 12:25 PM
Anna Ascendant

Anna/Supreme. Image courtesy of Supreme Mgmt
If a so-called "North-American Revival" is in the cards for the modeling industry, Supreme is the leading indicator and scout-agent Roman is not only a visionary , but a visionary with psychic tendencies. Anna Rachford, hailing from Illinois, is delectable; think Amy Wesson-esque face, on top of the body of a runway goddess, and loads of personality to boot! Be sure to keep your eyes open for this "catwoman" stunner who was oblivious to her own beauty until a few months ago, when her family wouldn't allow her to ignore her modeling potential any longer. We hear. She shot for V and Allure magazines, is on hold for a major exclusive. All the right players are crazy about her and so are we! Story by Ali Kay
Posted by wayne at 11:54 AM
Go For Coco

Coco Rocha/Supreme. Image courtesy of Supreme Mgmt
First there was Daria, then along came Lisa Cant, and now there is another Canadian cutie on the horizon. Just in from Vancouver, Coco was requested for a major designer exclusive so quickly that she can't remember what came first, taking the elevator up to Supreme or receiving her first exclusive opportunity. Her gorgeous hair never ends and neither do her legs and, needless to say, its easy to get lost in those eyes. Story: A.K
Posted by wayne at 11:50 AM
Autumn Sweeps

Autumn/Supreme. Ph. Courtesy of Supreme Mgmt
Has Linda Vojtova met her blond, leggy American double? If Autumn Hyle's mile long legs and killer stare don't end up highlighting dozens of runways this season, I don't know what will. And yes, we have a hard time believing a girl this exotic is actually from San Diego. Story:A.K
Posted by wayne at 11:47 AM
August 18, 2004
Miss Marta

Marta/1 Mgmt. Images courtesy of 1 Mgmt
The show packages are turning up in the mail and the battle for the best girls is on. Heading up 1 Mgmt's show pack of new contenders is Prada girl Marta who has surfaced at that enterprising agency. Given the market value of a Miuccia girl, her options should be brisk.
Posted by wayne at 05:17 PM
Tamaris Tempts

Tamiris/1 Mgmt. Image courtesy of 1 Mgmt
Tempting Tamiris has the editorial cred via her shoots with David Sims and Craig Mc Dean and so it only takes one major catwalk booking from a signature designer to catapult her onto the A-list. Stay tuned
Posted by wayne at 05:10 PM
Miss Milagros

Milagros/1 Mgmt. Image courtesy of 1 Mgmt
Should the gamine wave hold for another season, Millagros is the perfect newcomer to fortify that particular look. And she is totally unclaimed. She's a must request.
Posted by wayne at 05:06 PM
Behold Loiani

Loiani/1 Mgmt. Pola courtesy of 1 Management
She's in regular rotation at Brazilian Vogue so it'll be interesting to see Loiani in her NY debut. She's Brazilian for God's sake so you should expect the "walk" to be formidable.
Posted by wayne at 05:02 PM
From the So Bad Its Brilliant Files

Under The Cherry Moon. Warner DVD 2004
What happens when mad films happen to cracked rock stars? There is Nic Roeg's iconic "Performance" starring Mick Jagger. There is the far more succesful flick by the same director, "The Man Who Fell To Earth", starring David Bowie. And then there is "Under The Cherry Moon", which not only stars and features the music of Minneapolis' favorite meglomaniac-Prince- it also had the strange fortune of being directed by him. Legend has it that as the 1986 follow-up to "Purple Rain", music video director Mary Lambert (the visionary behind Madonna's "Like A Virgin") was conscripted to direct Prince in a frothy 30's style B+W screwball comedy unfolding on the French Riveira. A few arguments later Lambert was out and the next thing Francesca Annis ("Dune"), Steven Berkoff("Barry Lyndon") and Kristin Scott Thomas ("The English Patient" ) knew they were in a make-it-up-as-you-go-along extravaganza directed by the star himself. Veteran cinemtographer Micheal Balhaus did a magnificent job lighting the film for all he was worth but what makes "Under The Cherry Moon" OTM worthy is the costume work of Prince acolyte Marie France. 27mins into the DVD Kristin Scott Thomas floats into a seaside boite wearing a sheer polka dot dress with piped edgings and a silk rose at the neckline.Its a look so kitsch Chanel its jawdropping in its off-ness. Add to that a multitude of hi-80's hairdos, backward lame outfits worn by Prince and the highest heels seen on a man since the 18th century. Its so bad its brilliant. Check it out because there's a collection lurking in there somewhere. Just don't bring up "Under The Cherry Moon" to Kristin Scott Thomas in polite conversation. Though this was her film debut, she convienently omits it from her filmography these days.
Posted by wayne at 04:32 PM
August 13, 2004
Jessica Stam :Astonishing!

We thought we told you and she won't stop! Jessica Stam hits it hard on the new cover of ID mgazine in what is sure to be a collector's issue in years to come. Now that's what we call modeling!
Posted by wayne at 03:06 PM
Priceless Portia

Portia/Select(London). Image courtesy of Select
Continuing our S/S 05 Show Preview, London calls this week via the increasingly formidable Select agency. With agents doing double duty, Select is at the forefront of the market with some must have new faces....You saw Portia here first on MDC"s MOTW platform and coming on the heels of her major Only Girl editorial in the September W, with Dusan Reljin & Alex White this is THE brand new girl at the head of the pack for the title of Girl Most Wanted for S/S 05. The proof? That would be the Italian Vogues shot with Ines Van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin and Joe Mckenna, Steven Klein and Patti Wilson as well as with Tim Walker and Camilla Bidault Waddington. Add to that 10 magazine with Camilla Vinier and Christopher Niquet plus a second spread with Magnus Unar and Nicola Formachetti. Another magazine via Laurence Passera and Camilla Bidault Waddington is also on the case. Vogue UK is there with Mr. Mario Testino and Lucinda Chambers and I-d has clocked in with Lee Bromfield. If the Chanel Couture show is any indication, then this girl is made for the spotlight. Now bear in mind the fact that she's only been modeling for two months and the implications of her momentum truly hits home.
Posted by wayne at 02:50 PM
Sophie's Choice!

Sophie/Select (London). Image courtesy of Select
Hers is the kind of face that makes a casting director drop his stack of cards in order to start his quest for an exclusive. Hailing from North London, Sophie Holmes is absolutely fresh on the scene and that means a choice list of clients is speeding calls in her direction to nab that first option. She is quite a find!
Posted by wayne at 02:48 PM
Hail Hannah

Hannah Shaw/Select (London).Image courtesy of Select
Newcastle's finest, 16 year old Hannah Shaw is on quite the editorial rampage with major edits for Dazed & Confused w. Magnus Unar and Nicola Formacetti, W magazine w. David Sims, I-d magazine w. Donald Christie and Jason Evans. Any fears about this girl's ability to walk will be smoothed by consulting the video of the last Chanel Couture show. The girl is impeccable!
Posted by wayne at 02:43 PM
Angel Arises

Angel/Select (London). Image courtesy of Select
Who could resist Angel, this exquisite 14 year old beauty hailing from Devon? With Italian Vogue (Corinne Day and Stefano Guzzo), 10 Magazine (Paulo Sutch) as well as the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign lensed by Juergen Teller, Angel is a major part of Select's increasingly formidable arsenal.
Posted by wayne at 02:37 PM
Xenia Zooms

Xenia/Trump Image courtesy of Trump Mgmt
The spotlight swivels next to Trump Mgmt with its smart selection of beauties all ready to furnish the better runways for the Spring/Summer 05 season. ...You've known and loved Xenia these past few seasons, and here she is, poised to make her NY runway debut. With Mert and Marcus already conscripting her for Pop magazine, this girl makes an instant leap onto the A-list.
Posted by wayne at 02:25 PM
Viva Vladmira

Vladmira./Trump. Image courtesy of Trump Mgmt
Vivacious Vladmira has staked her claim on the market with that ever prescient Teen Vogue nabbing her for a gig with Demarchelier.
Posted by wayne at 02:19 PM
Ravishing Rachel

Rachel/Trump. Image courtesy of Trump Mgmt
Drop dead gorgeous Rachel Blais caught the eye of Stephane Sednaoui for Italian Vogue and has clients chomping at the bits to find out if this girl is as beautiful in person as she is on her card.
Posted by wayne at 02:13 PM
Sensational Sarah

Sarah Deanna/Trump. Image courtesy of Trump Mgmt
The advance word on searing Sarah Deanna is "legs for days" and those legs seem poised to stride down more than her fair share of NY's catwalks. With L'Officiel dubbing her as one of their new faces, this girl is way up there on the must option charts!
Posted by wayne at 02:07 PM
August 11, 2004
Chic Charlott

Charlott/Elite. Comp card courtesy of Elite Mgmt
That Elite Model Look power platform strikes again as Elite NY preps for the S/S 05 shows with a sweet suite of major new faces. With finds popping up from the USA, France and Canada, the choices should be bountiful. Here are MDC's four faves... Charlott Cordes, the stunning 16 year old EML Germany winner closed Chanel couture as Karl Lagerfeld's bride and instantly the market stood at attention. Charlott already has Teen Vogue out with Carter Smith, and lensed Numero with Karl Lagerfeld the day after the her Chanel couture bow. She is most wanted right this minute.
Posted by wayne at 04:09 PM
Angelic Agnes

Agnes/Elite. Comp card courtesy of Elite Mgmt
Agnes, the latest comer in that fetching Canadian wave, after winning that country's Elite Model Look contest, has logged Teen Vogue with Freddy Helwig and Italian Vogue with Tom Nutzel on her charts. With the height (5'11'') and the bearing (instinctively elegant) this mannequin is one to watch.
Posted by wayne at 03:54 PM
Dashing Domitile

Domitile/Elite. Comp card courtesy of Elite Mgmt
If you love Teen Vogue, you'll know Domitile via her Teen Vogue stories with Patrick Demarchelier, Daniel Gabbay and Freddy Helwig. This 16 year old, 5' 11" winner of the Elite Model Look France competition is all set to unleash her French charm on the NY market.
Posted by wayne at 03:48 PM
Rebecca Rocks

Rebecca/Elite. Comp card courtesy of Elite Mgmt
Rebecca Iannocone debuts in German Vogue this month in a single story with Knoepfel and expect to see her editorial domain expand in the next few months. After her turn on the catwalk for Chanel couture S/S 05, we suspect September will bring Rebecca a full dance card of options.
Posted by wayne at 03:40 PM
August 05, 2004
Alicia Ablaze

Alicia/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
Continuing MDC's S/S05 New Faces Preview, our spotlight now switches to the recently "re-editorialized" Ford board. Fresh discovery 14 year old New Jersey native Alicia Mcelhone, has all the cutting edge clients chomping at the bit to get her on set. At 5' 10" and trailing an instinctive elegance this rare find is on very much on the most watched list, right this minute.
Posted by wayne at 06:30 PM
Narah Now

Narah/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
You're a quiet 17 year old from the South Of Brazil when instantly you are whipped to shoots for V w. Corrine Day, ID w. Marcelo Krasilcic and 10 magazine w Paolo Sutch. All these clients were happy to fly to Brazil for those editorials so Narah's NY debut means that thise girls has the show options stacked sky high.
Posted by wayne at 06:28 PM
Remy Reigns

Remy/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
You've glimpsed Remy before in gigs for CK Jeans and MAC cosmetics. With a repeat CK performance (this time for the CK1 fragrance) expect this former pro-juggler to explode out of the blocks this season. With edits for 10 w. Alex Cayley and Benjamin Alexander, L'Uomo Vogue w. Richard Burbridge and Numero with Solve Sunsbo, she'll certainly have the book worth taking a second spin through.
Posted by wayne at 06:25 PM
Kristyna Shimmering

Krystyna/Ford. Pola courtesy of Ford Mgmt
Only 2 days in NY and this Prague native has heads whipping at her go-sees. At this rate Kristyna with her pristine skin and perfect posture, just might nab one of those coveted exclusives. The race for Girl Of The Season is on!
Posted by wayne at 06:21 PM
Alexandra Conquers!

Alexandra/IMG. Pola courtesy of IMG
If bone structure is destiny then Alexandra Tomlinson/IMG, this fetching 18 years old, from Atlanta, Georgia is fated for the major bookings that dreams are made of. MDC hot wired these Polaroids onto OTM with serious immediacy because all signals indicate that this is one of those girls who clients line up for. All-American has never looked so tantalizing!
Posted by wayne at 04:54 PM
The Real Camille

Camille McDonald. Ph courtesy of Camille
Calling all agencies! Calling all agencies! There is a brilliant model on the loose. We met up with stunning Camille McDonald, who you may recognize from her double appearance in our coverage of Caribbean Fashion Week. Standing 5' 9 _" tall, Camille is definitely a sight for sore eyes. But get this, not only is she beautiful, but she is a brainiac, as well. Camille attended Howard University in Washington DC, where she double majored in marketing and advertising, with a minor in fashion; she worked for W magazine and coordinated so many fashion shows for her University that WWD even caught wind and highlighted her as a girl-to-watch in the industry. After a stint on America's Top Model where she felt honored as one of the five runners up, but also felt inaccurately portrayed as the required reality show "diva- with-attitude", Camille is now ready to hit the runways as soon as possible. Camille, who admits she has been scouted so many times she can't even count, has not yet signed with an agency in NYC, because she is "looking for the right one". Now we will let you in on our little secret: we provided her with the contact # of one lucky agent at one lucky agency.. Who might that be? Stay tuned.
Report filed by Ally Kay
Posted by wayne at 04:37 PM

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