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July 30, 2004
Keys' V

Alica Keys Ph by Mario Sorrenti.V 30 Fall Preview 04
The first big Fall book is here and V bolts from the blocks with a definitive Alicia Keys cover. Apart from a major fur spread starring Daria/IMG,Lilly Donaldson/Select turns it on for David Sims in the "New Order" editorial. And then there is V's ever forward art coverage, this time focusing on LA's vibrant scene. Of course punters will be scanning the front of the book for the FW04 ads and all we have to say is Gisele Budchen/IMG for Valentino is looking very legendary right this minute....Speakings of ads. Remember those landmark ads for CK1 that mingled the coolest models of the moment with Avenue A's finest grunge "socialites". Well the brand is looking to trade in on that 90's legacy with a new print and television campaign currently being lensed by Fabien Baron. That should be fun!
Posted by wayne at 02:30 PM
Amazing Andrea

Andrea/Women. Pola courtesy of Women Mgmt NY
This is Andrea Willis and she has stopped the MDc presses. The 17 yr old auburn haired beauty from Portland Oregon was discovered while working in doctor's office. She arrived in NY on Tues night and immediately this very formidable girl is on our Most Wanted list. Boasting the kind of body that makes show week fittings a cinch, we are- in the language of the day-living for this model. Her options must be overflowing!
Posted by wayne at 02:16 PM
July 23, 2004
Next Up!

Agnes/Next. Image courtesy of Next Mgmt
Which agency seems to be bursting at the seams with a suite of impeccable New Faces? Its none other than Next, radically renewing their board with a selection of some of the most enticing newcomers we've seen in ages. Of course you know and love Solange.. Since her May 28th OTM debut, Solange has logged V - Glen Luchford, Another Magazine - Mario Sorrenti, 10 magazine - Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton, Flair Magazine - Nicholas Moore, Allure - Regan Cameron, Japanese Vogue - Maciek Kobielski, French Magazine- Thierry Le Gous and French Vogue - Albert Giordan. That girl must be going..."Whew"..... But look for this cool newcomer Agnes B to sweep along a similar path . This gorgeous girl's body has to be seen to be believed. You might want to make her a top request for the upcoming shows.
Posted by wayne at 03:12 PM
Elegant Elyse

Elyse Taylor/Next. Image courtesy of Next Mgmt
She's 17, fresh off the plane from Australia and triggering the kind of stir that only the best girls provoke. The ripples have reached MDC and Elyse Taylor is already on her Show Watch Charts as a major new girl to track.
Posted by wayne at 03:02 PM
Meet Meeli

Meeli/Next. Pola courtesy of Next Mgmt
Rising equally fast in the Next margins is 16 year old Meeli with bookings in Pop and Harper's Bazaar w. Horst, Italian Vogue w. Greg Lotus and Tomas Nutzl and W magazine w. Paolo Roversi. Is S/S 05 going to be all about a Renassaince innocence. Meeli's waiting!
Posted by wayne at 02:53 PM
Salute Sally

Sally Lotter/Next. Pola courtesy of Next Mgmt
16 year old American beauty Sally Lotter may only have been modeling for a month, but already she's racked up credits with Karen Collins/Italian Vogue, 10 / Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton and Teen Vogue / Nick Haymes. Can you say "first option".
Posted by wayne at 02:46 PM
July 16, 2004

Filipa/Next. Ph Bruce Weber for Ralph Lauren Blue
Ever since we first spotted Filipa Hamilton on the MOTW platform, we have been major fans of her rare and incandescent beauty. Tune in as MDC's new correspondent Ally Kaye get the most in depth interview (to date) on one of the most beautiful girls in the world.
I met up with RL girl Filipa and her mother at her posh hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental in NYC (and don't worry about her eating habits, because there were a few empty trays of what had been A LOT of food sitting right outside her door):

AK: So let's hear a little about your background.

FH: Well, I'm from the South of France, but I am not 100% French; my mom is French, but my dad is Swedish.

AK: Do you have any siblings?

FH: Yes, I have an older brother, he's 19. He's working in finance right now in London.

AK: How did you get into the modeling industry?

FH: Actually, my mom and I were looking through a magazine one day and we saw an advertisement seeking a mother-daughter pair for a photo shoot..

AK: So your first job was with your mother?

FH: Yes. We did a shoot together and then the photographer of the shoot asked me if I would consider doing "real" modeling, and I was like "me? I could be a real model?" So anyway, he introduced me to some people at Next and that's how I got started.

AK: So Next is the only agency you have ever been with? Does that make you very loyal to them?

FH: I have only been with Next. I would never switch agencies. NEVER!

AK: Ok so the photographer introduced you to Next and then what? How long did it take you to come on over to the Big Apple ?

FH: He introduced me to Next and very soon after that I left for New York. I was only in New York for 15 days when I met Ralph Lauren. I went into his office and he was on the phone, busy. Then, he took my book, flipped through it really quickly and that was it; I left thinking that he didn't like me or my book at all! You can't even imagine how shocked I was when I got a call back from RL to come back in. When I got the campaign I was completely stunned.

AK: (LoL) Rewind one sec. You were only in New York, and really trying to do the whole model thing for 15 days before you landed one of the biggest campaigns there is???

FH: Yes. I know. I consider myself really lucky. Actually, when I arrived in NY it was right at the time when Ralph Lauren was looking for a new model.

Filipa's Mother: She was basically in the right place at the right time.

AK: Yeah, and the fact that she is stunningly gorgeous didn't hurt. So how old were you when you originally started modeling and how old are you now?

FH: I started when I was around 15 and now I am 18.

AK: And which photographer do you really enjoy working with?

FH: Bruce Weber

AK: And does your mom come with you everywhere?

FH: Yeah, pretty much, especially to the States.

AK: Will you continue modeling after your exclusive campaign with RL expires?

FH: If I got another campaign I would continue modeling, if not, I wouldn't.

AK: So what are you interested in other than modeling and what would you pursue otherwise?

FH: I am really interested in the art. I like art history and just art in general. I also love singing and I have also tried acting a few times. I would probably try to pursue singing, but I don't really know.

AK: Would you consider the whole LA thing of moving there to pursue acting ?

F.H: Maybe.

AK: Growing up did you have a model that was your role model? Or, in general, who is your favorite model?

FH: I really love Christy Turlington. She is not like trashy; she is so classic.

AK: Do you have friends in the industry?

FH: I have a few model friends, but not many. Most of my friends are from London, where I have been living for a year now. I still have some friends from the South of France, but it was more difficult to keep in touch with them. Some of the models act like they are your friend and then completely ignore you when they score a big campaign, because they think they're too good for you then. I don't like that.

AK: Did modeling affect your diet at all? Did you have to change your eating habits?

FH: Well I have a "mother agent" (points to her mother) so she reminds me about what to eat and what not to eat, but I don't really watch what I eat so much. A lot of the girls stay very, very skinny and pale, but I prefer the tan, healthy look.

Filipa's Mother: All I really have to tell her is not to eat like 3 cakes a day; she doesn't really have to pay attention to what she eats so much.

Footnotes: A few other interesting things I found out about Filipa that you may be interested to know.

1.She has a boyfriend and describes her relationship as serious, but not SO serious.

2.Ten years from now she sees herself just being with her family

3. Had she not entered the modeling world at the time she did, she would've attended boarding school in Switzerland like her older brother had.
-Ally Kaye for
Posted by wayne at 04:50 PM
July 09, 2004
The Very Face Of Summer

Carolyn Murphy/IMG. Cover of British Vogue. August 04
MDC's been making the rounds of the agencies, filtering through the masses of new faces. While we crunch through the assorted Polaroids, here's an exclusive sneak peek of the new British Vogue cover highlighted by that Estee Lauder icon Carolyn Murphy.
Posted by wayne at 04:32 PM
Olympic Angie

Angela Lindvall/IMG. Cover of ID August 04
The games are clearly upon us, what with the Athens Olympics docked and ready to go. ID magazine joins the sport theme trend with the new Angela Lindvall cover set to hit stands any day now. Miss Lindvall certainly knows how to rock the "wink" concept no?
Posted by wayne at 04:27 PM
Boogie Fever

IMG agent Kyle Hagler with the bounty at his Roxy NY Birthday Bash
Continuing in an athletic vein... The hazy days of the NY summer got a little crazier at the birthday bash IMG catwalk queens Liya and Ujwala threw for IMG's Kyle Hagler. With an 80's roller-disco theme in full effect, it's only a matter of time before we start hearing gems like Olivia Newton John's "Xanadu" booming from runway sound systems.
Posted by wayne at 04:18 PM
Blonde Ambition

Maria Sharapova/IMG. Ph by Alex Cayley for Vogue Italia July 04
Alex Cayley was certainly on the pulse when he lensed Maria Sharapova for Italian Vogue. The new queen of Wimbledom, a product of IMG' s tennis Academy had been signed to the fashion board on the strength of her striking looks, but with salivating clients lining up, it looks like there'll be a lot more Sharapova on the fashion scene. Stay tuned.
Posted by wayne at 04:18 PM
July 02, 2004
Caroline Comeback!

Caroline Ribiero/Marilyn and her adorable son. Pola courtesy of Marilyn
She's coming back to a runway near you and not a second too soon. Marilyn's finest, Caroline Ribiero is gearing up for her S/S 05 catwalk appearances and we are certainly waiting with baited breath. No girl in the interval of her absence has managed to replicate that look, spirit and presence. Which means the advance bookings are piling up! Stay tuned!
Posted by wayne at 02:07 PM
Go For Julia!

Julia/1 Mgmt. Pola courtesy of 1 Mgmt
Even as the last flank of the male model army marches down the Milan catwalk, the casting contingent is avidly hunting for that Next Big Girl. A major contender for the title is 1 Mgmt's Julia Polacsek, a 19 year old 5' 10" beauty with the body lines that are a catwalk dream. With several international Vogues holding her for editorials she's on our Watch List for sure.
Posted by wayne at 02:03 PM

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