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Couture Backstage!

Couture is the jewel in fashion’s crown and every season it gets bigger, better and even more glam. Naturally Eric Sposito is there to bring you exclusive behind the scenes images of the cream of the couture crop.


skirting the issue

If you’re in New York between April 19 and May 31, I’ve got something for you to pencil in — an art installation of Prada skirts that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “twirl your skirt”


Sasha’s Cover Moment

Witness Sasha’s first Italian Vogue cover, verifying that this cool Russian is indeed ready to navigate the industry’s winner’s circle


A Next Level Sasha

With a second season Prada campaign, IMG’s Sascha had better brace herself for her segue into the upper echelons of the industry


Sasha Soars

Sasha/Supreme. Image courtesy of Sasha How elegant a gamine is this delicate young Jamaican beauty currently nestling nicely on the board at Supreme. She gets a double asterik as a must-see for next month’s show castings.