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Carry On Katya

Katya/Supreme. Ph Steven Meisel Dolce y Gabbana S/S 05 Its all about Katya right this second, what with her flawless NY show turns for Luella and Proenza as well as this compelling Dolce y Gabbana campaign (a double billing with Marija). Milan on line 2!


Adrijana Jams!

Adrijana/1 Mgmt. Pola courtesy of 1 Mgmt It was a red hot week for 1’s Adrijana whose severe brand of chic served her well at outposts like Proenza. With her couture style body line and that no-nonsense walk, she’s totally one to watch!


The New New York

Clara Benjamin/NY Models. Ph. Schroner in Another magazine It’s been a brisk show season for NY Models with newcomers like former MOTW Kat and May wowing the punters with their refreshing presence even as mainstays like Clara Benjamin nailed gigs for both Marc by Marc and Marc Jacobs. Add to that the stellar season logged…