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VS 2009: Extravganza And Beyond.

Tron-like dancers…wraparound projections of trains and ocean liners…a pink wonderland of cotton candy and candy cane and an enchanted forest featuring slow motion leaves falling..The VS 2009 extravaganza did not stint on spectacle and that was before the first model even hit the runway. Of course MDC’s Betty Sze was in the midst of the backstage frenzy capturing those close-up moments with all your favorite beauties. Feast your eye on this cornucopia.


Elegant Elyse

Elyse Taylor/Next. Image courtesy of Next Mgmt She’s 17, fresh off the plane from Australia and triggering the kind of stir that only the best girls provoke. The ripples have reached MDC and Elyse Taylor is already on her Show Watch Charts as a major new girl to track.