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I was scouted by on Skype, Facebook, etc. – SCAM never scouts aspiring models in person, via email, or by social media.

The person you’ve encountered is a scammer and we do not recommend contacting this person any further.

You’re welcome to report the profile to whichever platform they reached out to you on. For additional concerns, please email

How do I become a model?

You are welcome to register for a free portfolio to get your photos seen by the agencies using our aspiring model search. It’s free, register here:

Just a reminder, is NOT an agency. This is a resource that some agencies/scouts use to look for new and potential models. Good luck!

I signed up for a membership as a model, why am I not in the database?

Our membership section is separate from the database. Membership portfolios are entirely free and used by aspiring models seeking agency representation. You can find aspiring model portfolios here:

If you are a model represented by one of our listed agencies, please have your agency reach out to us about creating you an official MDC page.

If you already have an official MDC page (search your name in the search bar on the homepage) email with proof of identity or sign in using your Instagram to take control of your page.

How can I submit my pictures?

First you will need an account here:

Once you have an account, you can follow these steps:

1. Log into your account using your email address
2. Go to the “dashboard”
3. On the bottom left, click on the “portfolio” link
4. Under “Edit Portfolio Layout” click on the square that says “edit my photos”

From there you should be all set to upload new or change existing images.

Important reminder: If you are approached by someone claiming to work for and they are wanting to “scout” you or offer you a contract, be aware that this is a scam and stop all communication with that person.

How do I edit my age/size/info/etc?

1. Log into your account and click on the “dashboard” option.
2. Click on “portfolio” on the bottom left.
3. On the left, you will see options to edit your measurements/privacy settings/photos/etc.

To change your birthday, name, or address you can click on the “edit account” tab instead of the “portfolio” tab.

I signed up for a membership, now what?

It’s important to keep your images up to date for the best chance of being scouted.

Just a reminder, is NOT an agency. Agencies and scouts use as a tool to find new talent.

How do I delete my account?

1. Log into your account
2. Click on your “Dashboard”
3. Click on the “portfolio” option on the bottom left
2. Click on the “edit account” tab
3. On the bottom left you will see an option that says “You can delete your account here.”
4. Click on that link! Then you can click “YES Delete my account” option