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How to log in and upload to

First, log in here.

If you do not have an account on, sign up here.

You will only have access to upload work if your account is associated to a live agency listing or a talent page.

Choosing the correct client, date and title

Step 1: Choose a client
Type the name of the client and choose from the list that appears as you type. (ie. i-D Online)

-The client should reflect the publication or brand that commissioned the work
-Some brands have separate online/print or beauty/women’s/men’s pages
-If the brand can not be found in the provided options, you can use a “Various” client by typing Various. If using a various client, include the name of the magazine or brand in the title section of the basic info later.
-If the work was a test shoot, unpublished or personal work, select the client “Portrait” and categorize the work as Other, not editorial.

Step 2: Categorize the work by choosing a work type
Use the provided drop down to choose whether the work is an editorial, cover, campaign, lookbook, advertorial, social media, show or other.

-Advertising typically has a brand logo on the images and is used for print and digital marketing.
-Lookbooks are typically used to show an entire collection and do not feature brand logos on the images.
-Editorials and Magazine covers are uploaded as separate entries. If choosing magazine cover, make sure the other covers are not in a separate database entry already.
-Shows are typically added by the team to ensure accurate and complete credits. If you are adding a show, we require at least 5 other models to be credited.

Step 3: Choose a date
-The date should reflect the month/issue that the images were published.

Step 4: Add the title of the work
-If it is in editorial, this title should reflect the name of the story the magazine/online platform used. (Example: New Spring Beauty)
-If it is an advertising campaign, you can add the specific name of the collection or season to make the title more specific.
-If the photographer or brand does not have a database page on, add their name to the Title of the work (ie. Editorial Name photographed by John Doe)

Adding talent credits

After you have provided accurate basic information about your work, a prompt will appear that reads Add a model or crew member:

Step 1: Start typing names
Choose names from the provided list of people with pages. If the crew or model does not have a page, they will not be able to be credited.
If the photographer does not have a page, add their name to the title of the work for proper credit.
If you have a page on as an artist or a model, you will notice that you have automatically been tagged.

Step 2: Click done.
You will next be prompted to upload images.

Adding images and videos

Next, you will be prompted to add media (images and/or video) to your work.

-Click Add Images.
-Click Choose Images, or drag and drop image files into the provided window.
-After the images process, use the checkboxes to pick and choose which models appear in which picture, and if applicable, which creatives worked on each specific image. This is important because it dictates which thumbnail appears on each person’s page.
-Click Done.

You can add an editorial or campaigns accompanying video to the same work by clicking Add Video.

Keep in mind:
-The uploader can only accept .JPG files (No PDFs)
-Videos must be hosted first on Vimeo or Youtube
-When uploading images, you can drag and drop them into a specific order. Once the work is approved and published, they will not be able to be rearranged except by the client user.
-Do not upload image files with printing guidelines, unpublished pictures, embargoed content etc.

If you are editing an existing work and have revised, more correct, or higher quality images, add them to the existing post then report the work using the “See something wrong?” link. A moderator can remove the original images unless they were added by the client themselves.

Tagging brand placements in editorials

Certain users on, including brand users and experienced uploaders are be able to tag clothing brands that appear in editorials/covers.

Step one: type the brand name into the prompt
Please note: clothing and beauty credits should reflect only official placements that have been approved by the brand or their PR. These credits are subject to review and removal by the brand or PR themselves.

Only brands that have noted as a clothing brand will be available to tag in editorial work.

Step two: click done
PUBLISH or Save if you do not have any images or videos to currently add.

How long does it take for my uploaded work to appear?

After submitting a new campaign or editorial to the database, it will go into a queue for approval.

The team will check the uploaded work for a correct client, specific title, accurate talent credits, and clear images. Additionally, we will check to make sure there is not a duplicate entry for this work already in the database. If there are issues regarding the basic info, credits or media of an entry, an automated email will be sent to the account email of the uploader and the work will be put back in the Drafts section of the Dashboard.

Typically, submitted work is approved within 3 business days of being uploaded.

Please note that during fashion weeks and busy periods, the waiting time maybe be longer.

Many users, once proven to repeatedly upload accurate work are given automatic approvals. This means that the work is checked after it goes live rather than before.