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How can I reset my password?

If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can reset your password.

If you are having trouble resetting your password, it is possible you are using an incorrect email address to reset it. Try another recent email address that might have been associated to your account.

Also, it is possible that you do not have an account yet. For instance, just because you might have an artist/model page on, you still might not have an account yet. You can sign up for a new account at

What features are included with a Pro Membership?

For information regarding the community and Pro Memberships, visit

Full Pro feature list:
View unlimited pages of work history (Free limit: 50 per month*)
Access to the People tab on talent pages
Filter ProSearch results by who they have worked with
Filter ProSearch model results by ethnicity
Create unlimited Lists of talent (Free limit: 3 Lists including Favorites)
Add unlimited talent to a list (Free limit: 20 people)
Collaborate on lists with unlimited people (Free limit: 3 people)
Receive email notifications when someone on your list is tagged in new work

*If you have a profile page your own profile history page views do not count towards this limit.

How do I cancel my Pro Membership?

To end your Pro Membership, visit your Payment Settings and click Downgrade. This will cancel your next payment.

You will have until your next billing cycle to keep using your Pro Membership. You can also choose to Restart your Pro Membership any time before your next billing cycle.

If you are an agency user, your Pro Membership is included with your agency listing and can not be ended using this method.

If you are having issues ending your Pro Membership, please contact us and choose “Updating or canceling Pro Membership payment”.

Do I need a Pro Membership to have a page on talent pages (models, photographers, stylists etc) are made on an invite-only basis and have nothing to do with Pro Membership features. If you are an artist/model with a page on, your page will continue to exist and you can manage the page regardless of whether or not you pay for a Pro Membership.

Similarly, upgrading your membership does not create you a page in the database as an artist or model. These pages are made on an invitation-only basis based on career accomplishments, longevity and industry influence.

What is my page view limit and what counts as a page view?

As of November 2020, free members are limited to viewing 50 pages every calendar month on people profile history pages. Upgrading to a Pro Membership allows a user to access unlimited pages in the database every month. Agencies and their staff automatically have Pro access.

Any page or tab beyond the first page on an artist or model’s profile history page (pages under the “work” or “clients” tabs) counts as a page view. Please note if you have a profile page your own profile history page views do not count towards this limit.

Looking at work/media, client pages, agency listings, the homepage, news stories, rankings and featured lists do not count towards the 50 page view limit.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my membership whenever I want?

Of course. members can downgrade and upgrade at anytime and as often as they want. Downgrades are effective on the next billing renewal cycle.

You can downgrade and upgrade your membership via your Dashboard > Payment Settings

Downgrading your membership from Pro to Free will not result in any saved info being lost. Lists you had created that surpass the limits of a free account will not be deleted once the membership is downgraded, however you may lose access to editing/creating more lists.

Can I get a refund for my Pro Membership? will end your Pro Membership and issue a refund if requested within five (5) days of payment for the previous billing cycle.

Please contact us to request a refund of your most recent payment to