1. Samantha Rayner finally has a showcard. I remember the hype surrounding her after THOSE proofs came out–most ethereal and breathtaking–but nothing really came out of it. Fingers crossed for this one!

  2. Aileen is the one to watch! she already did herm├Ęs show past fashionweek

  3. Amazing package but it’s so enoying when agencies can’t put the right measurements. First, Olga Sherer is 1.77 cm which is 5.9’5 and not 179 cm. Second, 179 cm is not 5’11, it’s 5.10’5…

  4. Nice package offering variety of faces! Eliza, Jourdan, Lakshmi, Julia, Olga or Sessilee. Marlna Szoka is also doing great this season!

  5. I always knew Anja Kuchkina that you super!
    I have found Anju when to it was 20-21 year, it already successfully works in the world market the fourth or fifth year.

    Good fellow Anja!