Glamour with edge. Beauty with power. It’s a heady hybrid and one that packs a power punch in Women Paris’s beautifully detailed  SS10 show package. Of course when your board is lock and loaded with must-haves like Natasha, Hanne Gaby, Iris, Iselin and that newly coined sensation, Mirte then attention is par for the course. But the larger than life beauties of Women are very served by a perfectly edited selection of pictures married to the bold action graphics that makes pinning those coveted faces on a “model wall” all the more of a cool experience.  The dynmaic thing to note about the offerings of Women Paris is the presence of those girls who have not yet seen action in New York. Noah and Ursula leap to mind and model watchers are sure to have an epic time keeping track of their breakthrough possibilities.

Women Paris SS/10 Show Package

  1. This season was filled with very strong girls,but Mirte belongs to the very top! she is amazing.
    p.s. this showcards are very similar to the WM ones.

  2. I especially like the showcards of Heather and the fearsome Otis (her dog), Iris, and Tony Garn.

  3. I love Heather Marks, I hope she will do a lot of shows.
    Where I can find show list of HM? Help!!