1. Love Love Love Love LOVE !!!
    The design is sooooo cool and the girls …. just great ! Anna looks really beautiful so
    Cannot wait to see how successful WM will be in a close future !!!!
    Good luck guys from a new fan

  2. I follow this agency since a few months thanks to their blog and FBook fan page : they always surprise me with their fresh an original work. Very good job.
    I still wonder how a new agency can come out with such a great level of girls in such a few time … ‘hope we gonna see Johanna everywhere this season !!!!

  3. WM has done an amazing job for a young agency. Having Bruno Jamagne at the helm who is known for being the starmaker director at Women will take this agency far. Great fresh new faces, especially Lana Petrusevych who looks absolutely amazing.

  4. Lana looks absolutely amazing ! Such a truly beautiful and stunning model .

  5. I also have photographed Lana in the past. She’s great and knows what photographers want. Oh, yea and this agency has got the style, not like other visually boring agencies.

  6. I like this agency very much. And the look of the girls is amazing very fresh. My list of best 3 girls is Lana, Ana, and Johanna. I hope to see them more very soon. Brava Bruno!

    Love from Milano,