With all the buzz around Storm these days, fashion lovers are more keen than ever to survey the scouting and management vision this powerhouse agency has to offer. Sure enough the SS 10 offerings are absolutely impeccable ranging from last season’s Milan sensations Aida, Ieva and Bara to highly watched newcomers Chantel, Christina and Luisa. Of course when your board boasts the likes of Hanne and Eniko then those choice bookings are par for the course. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Storm legacy.

Storm Model Management SS/10 Show Package

  1. I wanna see brazilians Bruna, Daiane, Aline, Camila Mingori, Drielly, Janete and Natalia S.!!!

  2. storm has the best girls!
    i was scrolling to see my all time fav. model coco! and i ended up clicking charlotte i was just stunned! ^.^

  3. to Joe: Jourdan is under special booking i heard because she’s pregnant from what i hear!!
    OMFG the new faces girls, LOVE AINE & CHARLOTTE so exoticaaa!

  4. This show pack design is by far the best!! So cool and such a great reflection on storm. love

  5. This showpackage is just to messy. Why is that Zach H guy there? Why would you put special bookings in a showpackage? I mean friggin’ Lily Allen? Love Storm girls though and nice to see Lily Cole doing a come back.

  6. special bookings for jourdan. it would be great to see her.
    storm is the best.

  7. I spotted Lydia Beesley in London on Monday, she looks amazing, cool & elegant, I love her!