1. I wanna see brazilians Bruna, Daiane, Aline, Camila Mingori, Drielly, Janete and Natalia S.!!!

  2. storm has the best girls!
    i was scrolling to see my all time fav. model coco! and i ended up clicking charlotte i was just stunned! ^.^

  3. to Joe: Jourdan is under special booking i heard because she’s pregnant from what i hear!!
    OMFG the new faces girls, LOVE AINE & CHARLOTTE so exoticaaa!

  4. This show pack design is by far the best!! So cool and such a great reflection on storm. love

  5. This showpackage is just to messy. Why is that Zach H guy there? Why would you put special bookings in a showpackage? I mean friggin’ Lily Allen? Love Storm girls though and nice to see Lily Cole doing a come back.

  6. special bookings for jourdan. it would be great to see her.
    storm is the best.

  7. I spotted Lydia Beesley in London on Monday, she looks amazing, cool & elegant, I love her!