Is a casting director like a DJ trying to come up with a master-mix that brings the editorial and retail crowd alive at the shows? You certainly get that feeling in Fusion’s witty homage to “le disque”. A super-edited suite of 9 girls are on the playlist this season including fresh-faced Ruthie, Sasha (previously seen in a W Magazine New Faces edit) and the willowy Jasmine.  And if you need some beats for the girls to walk to then slip on the Fusion mixed CD as selected by Mess Kidd.

Fusion Models SS/10 Show Package

  1. I know, Debevc, come back!!! she should probably switch.
    Love megi
    is ruthi sick?

  2. ruthie looks much too thin on the back of her card. really like megi. was sasha at elite before??

  3. I agree, Megi is great! Ruthie, unfortunetly, looks unhealthy thin.
    I’m pretty sure Sasha was with Supreme, I may be wrong though.