It arrives in a matte black shopping bag with a triangular insert for handles that someone should patent. You pull a glossy black envelope out within which lies Wilhelmina’s SS 10 show package. The envelope unpeels to reveal  the shock of a perfect glass box, mirrored at every aspect, flawlessy constructed at all angles.  Within that you find the 21 cards that represent Wilhelmina’s new guard and the design motif of glass and glass shattered is continued collage style by Art Director Fuji Ruiz who is to be congratulated for the cleverness of his concept. These girls, all new to the market represent the agency’s bold bid to establish a stronghold in New York’s women’s market. Led by the very strong proposal that is Mallory, Bruna, Keke, and Ana, do not be surprised if this is the season that the Wilhelmina women’s board finds key niches in the directional shows like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. More importantly every casting director has just been sent a clear message that Wilhelmina means to shatter all your pre-conceptions.

Wilhelmina New York SS/10 Show Package

  1. Ana,
    Congratulations!!!! We’re so proud of you!
    Go ahead and success!!!!!
    Kisses from all your staff ;)

  2. madelaine’s got an edge!
    mall is cool.
    word around town is mick is killin it!
    milena looks hardcore.
    guess i’m a sucker for Ms, but strong package! go all!