One of the many strengths of Red Management lies in its ability to bring something different to the table. Looking at the faces of its diverse group one is struck immediately by how well edited the selection is. Standouts like Tyler Riggs, Dominique Hollington and Stan Jouk immediately grab the attention but the rising triumverate of Alan Carey/ Will Lewis/Lyle Lodwick and new faces like Abiah Hostvedt, Henry Watkins and Jullien Herrera are full of promise. The Red Women’s division picks its top 4 girls to showcase for Spring/Summer 10. With such a tight edit, you know that any women from Red at a casting are sure to be runway ready.

Red Model Management SS/10 Show Package

  1. wow the board is shifting at RED. I guess everyone goes through this process and than spring back up.

  2. I love Salieu he has such strong unique features! Wish him all the best x