1. LOVE the new faces – Bailey, Shelley and Ylonka are absolutely AMAZING!

  2. There are three Dutch wonders in here actually…Patricia is with Modelmasters The Agency in Amsterdam! Love her! And such a great personality as well, very charming to work with.

  3. how can we resist SIGRID… it so sweet and gorgeous!!!
    love that DANIELA B. is back and finally here to stay … Ylonka is so charming and classic.
    JENEIL is my favorite.

  4. Who’s Michelle???? Looks interesting.

    I love Hollis and Kinee, and Sigrid has the sweetest face.

  5. Love these cards, expensive, modern , fresh.. They really pulled it together, i look forward to seeing how they develop.

    Ylonka, Shelley, jeneil are stunning.

  6. New York Models are doing it, they have soem great new faces this season.. where is Katrina H with the amazing hair cut??

  7. WOW .. Patricia is beautiful.. Love Jeneil, i hope she has a season she deserves.

  8. great package… at least one this season .. besides One is great …
    sigrid, ylonka, jeneil and daniela are my favorites