How did IMG get to be the dominant agency in New York City? By investing, season after season in a management philosophy built on precision and care. Absolute discipline, absolute structure, absolute thoroughness in prepping and presenting its models as the ideal. The dividends gained by that discipline is overwhelmingly clear in this SS 2010 package which is a testament to the elegance of subtlety. Black on black, in text as well as in packaging the keepsake box that bears the card sends a message of confidence in the power of restraint.  It is indeed high confidence to package cards with beautiful imagery of the girls on the front of the card with a lustrous picture of a wheat field on the back (complete with the model stats).  When you stop to consider that this is an agency that manages (and manages to keep all at the same time) the largest number of model stars of any agency worldwide you understand the stability  involved. The thought of Caroline Trentini being in town for first time in eons is bound to excite clients as will be the chance to score Top 50 faces like Jac, Sasha, Freja, Heidi Mount, Kamila, Kinga or the cultural sensation that is Lara Stone in your runway line-up.

The big news for New Faces lovers re: IMG Spring 2010 is that awe inspiring army of 35 newcomers the agency has brought in this season. A testament to the master scouting the agency has executed over the past year, IMG’s status as a  first-pick player is evidenced in the stunning quality of girls headlined by the likes of Frida (bound to be a breakout contender) and current Prada headliner Julia.  Casting directors will be inspired by the range of girls like Vanessa H, Sona, Paula Zago, Sacha Blue and Kelvin. The booking wars start here.

IMG SS/10 Show Package