1. IMG’s showcards are always disappointing to me. it looks like they put minimal effort when they made these.

  2. i dont think lara’s picture is good for the card. i didnt even recognize her. and she looks worse than her usual amazing modeling

  3. marina perez is always a silent triumph!!!!!! she at the major shows
    my favorite

  4. ***THIS IS THE BEST PACKAGE OF ALL *** I was waiting anxiously for this show package – as always IMG never disapoints – LOVE LARA STONE –
    from the new faces – JULIA H , VANESSA H , SONA and NIK are my favorite.

  5. i enjoy these cards with their simple nice b/w photos. shows the girls, clean. not into all the silly overdone stuff…

  6. The best package of girls!
    So many major girls, and amazing “new” girls like Frida , Sona and Lovani are my favourite!

  7. how come you guys say “waiting anxiously”, everybody knew what was coming. Obviously many amazing ESTABLISHED stars but few striking new faces. I think I have seen all of them before (in IMG or not…). Take a look at Women Direct, Next, Elite, NYM and even Marilyn´s packages(proportionally) – a lot of potentials. Don´t get me wrong, IMG is undeniably a top agency, but their new faces department should get some lessons from all these other agencies. They have a lot of new faces fading away outside the network just because these didn´t get enough attention within- now I see this lack of NEW and remember all that others that are losing their time in Asia with an IMG contract in the bottom of their bag. Anyway, I wish the best for the new faces who didn´t break in yet.

  8. I have to agree with Indie. It seems like IMG is too “superior” to put effort into their showcards.They have some of the top models out there, but I think…IMG needs to find more NEWER it girls!

  9. I think IMG put so many girls in this package, a lot of strong names and new girls, but a lot of girls that i’m not sure if has a great potential.
    My favourite girls are: Cato , Bojana , Lovani and Anabela!

  10. I hope TORI PRAVER is in everything! I love everything about her. She can do it all!

  11. Where’s Tori Praver?? and other than that, I’m quite disappointed with the other show cards…pep it up, people!

  12. oops! sorry, now I see Tori’s picture…..I was in disbelief it wasn’t there…….so again, sorry……