1. Multi-culturality. Great job!
    You´ve one of the greatest and the new ones, I´m sure they´ll rock,
    specially Charlotte. the 3 aussies, Imogen, Katie F., Daul, Malene, and some others…and Anja!

  2. catherine mcneil’s card is the most kick ass. i hope she has a better season that last time. great solid team of girls!

  3. i love next they have cool girls with character like daul, myf, anja, imogen , catherine
    all of these girls have a special something :)

  4. omg………………… daul…………… i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……..daul..such an amazing girl!!!!

  5. multi-cultural, No!!! definately not where do you see that…its strong but same to me

  6. I wrote that, considering “culture” not as a race criterium, but face and body structures, development of personal-styles, personal life-attitudes, I mean, I can see different backgrounds, life-histories or life-bagages.

  7. This package is unstoppable. My eyes are now wide open to NEXT. INCREDIBLE!

  8. this is for exampel of confedance and expresion of self, i think beauity is a name of confideance and to showen the every corner of your body, this is true. (YOUNDER FULL EMAGING)