1. Love the clean , graphic images – I’m particularly interested to watch how rebecca chandler does, she was on exclusive for Givenchy last season in Paris and it’s her first season in New York… Would love to see her in Calvin Klein or donna Karen or something like that

  2. I really Love Lisanne de Jong.She reminds me of those old money families. Very Vanderbilt- Rothschild style. Glamorous /sofisticated.
    If you want a girl that will sell your clothes I would book her!!!

  3. JAINE is truly amazing. Incredible bone structure, perfect classic face and a gorgeous walk. She´s like a 90´s Brazilian supermodel – evolved!

  4. This is a truly elegant show package, it descends from that 90`s supermodel lineage! At last a package that cuts to the chase with a very high end team of girls. Hannah is the ultimate globetrotter, Lisanne is the new rising star, Natalie is that early 2000`s breath of fresh air and Jaine is the finest exemple of a brazilian top model, one of those that used to be all over the place 10 years ago! Elite`s package is filled with all fashion`s next superstars! It will be an exciting season in New York…

  5. Lisanne de Jong is a great girl. I’ve seen her at a few castings.She has a great walk.She is going to be THE new topgirl. MARK MY WORDS.

  6. Coco is the only one that stands out in my opinion:./ Look at her card…then look at the others. Mmm…no comparison.

  7. Joan Smalls is one of my favorite models. Ive seen her in the last past runways (France and N.Y.) and she look so elegant and with a radiant personality.

  8. Channel Iman is my favorite model. I want be as she. I’m sorry I from Kazakhstan and my English bad. Привет кто знает русский, моя самая любимая модель это Шаннель Иман. И я хочу быть похожей на нее. Я из Казахстана