1. this design is absolutely genius. truly a work of art, one worth saving, when has a package ever been one of kind like this? great art direction.
    not to mention the girls, ford has really found some new stunners!
    way to go.

  2. i love that you can see what the girls look like, yet its still very cool. right on ford!

  3. i really like polina, adriana, julia and jen… not too sure about the others.

  4. Chanel Iman is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen!! I want to meet her so bad x

  5. Oh, Lakshmi, why so perfect?! Amazing showcard! I want to see her everywhere this season!!!

  6. nataliya,nika and jacquelyn are gorgeous. Then, everyone is just beautiful.

  7. OMG!!! i’m so happy for sofiaaa!!!! another great mexican that will do great!!!

  8. LAKSHMI, ARIEL, CHANEL IMAN… MY FAVES… AMAZING, NATURAL BEAUTY!!! Hope they get the credit they deserve

  9. AH-mazinfg
    First time in years ive actually been excited by Ford. Lakshmi an Chanel duhh. Lea and Andrea are MAJOR