Consistency of line… consistency of image is the true chic. That is the mantra in the  DNA SS 10 package, an appropriate message from an agency built on the timeless appeal of the classic beauty. Whether sexy (see a surprisingly grown up Ali Michael), the sensual (Magdelana) and a commanding Edita, elegant (Kim Noorda) stunningly gorgeous (Maryna and Anna de Rejik), glossed up (Amanda Laine) or whimisical (Alina) the DNA woman insists on maintaining her very well groomed  composure at all costs. For the casting director or designer looking to speed ahead in the booking wars, fresh faces like Tara Jean, Sana Belal and Ryan Martell prove that a super-selective curating of your girls and a unblinking dedication to quality control keeps the ambiance of polish and  high standards perfectly maintained.

DNA Models SS10 Show Package

  1. I love Hind Sahli, She is the first Moroccan model I have ever heared off! She has a beautifull Bambi type face. LOVE HER!!!!!

  2. each card has a little something different. leave it to dna to have the best!

  3. You go DNA! Your line-up is incredible! Each one of these girls is stunning. Great image selections for all of them. It shows the best of who they are and for some of the newer girls-how much they’ve grown!

  4. omg, i just noticed that this was DNA!! what the-?! now im even MORE surprised…or should i say shocked. where are all the big girls?!