The pristine aesthetic of the New York Model’s men’s division is very much in evidence in a lineup filled with some of the most recognizable faces working today. New faces garnering much attention are Alexander Johansson and Nick Rae. From the legendary Mathias Lauridsen to editorial must haves like Dennis Johnson and Gordon Bothe to current “it” boys Philipp Bierbaum and Thiago Santos, you are guaranteed to have a winner if booking from NY Models. New York Model SS10 Show Package

  1. omg mathias will do NYss10? big surprise!!! so happy to see him do NY again !

  2. …nice bunch, I agree.
    Refreshing to see some new personal faves like Ryan or Philipp with some all time “classics” like Mathias and Milan.

  3. Mathias who?!!! What about this guy James Mathieu? Why don’t I see him in campaigns and on bus stops?!!

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