What separates one agency and its board from another and makes it distinct? Having a strong and clear aesthetic,  the achievement of which requires honesty and courage. For SS10  Major Model Management‘s  show package expresses   a vision that is passionate, real and very, very organic. Swirling line drawings by young artist Rachel Chiu are paired with impeccably selected photos of the each girl to create a uniquely beautiful presentation. Packaged in the realness of a burlap bag, these sepia toned card give the girls a wonderfully whimsical feeling  and creates an aura around the agency as the next great hunting ground for undiscovered faces.  Led by the unstoppable Sessilee Lopez and rising stars Alexandrina, Caroline L, Angelique, Rachel, Simona and Zenia the girls of Major are ready to amplify the agency’s new found message of freshness and innovation.

  1. I like how the stats (text) seem to be dates of a calendar. Just vital information presented in such a nonchalant manner makes it surprising after being read. It makes one look carefully for fear that he/she may miss something else important.