1. Amazing model, so glad he made it into the show package.
    BTW, MMAS that’s what you call a candy shot!

  2. Best model at the moment definitive Dennis Johnson. His charisma is hard to find.

  3. Well I am glad you like my spectacular model!!!! Joshua is a great model.. but he is only beginning.. hard when your first shoot is with Mario Testino for Vman…. but more to come from this dynamo!!!! but please dont give him a big head..lol lol he needs to stay the way he is… this is why he will be successful… also because he has an amazing mother agent!!! :)

  4. Can not be denied that he was the most beautiful! No one can not love him! Will always support you! Love you!

  5. Maaaaaaaaax.<3
    Die Pics sind so geil =)
    Bist ein echt gutes Model, wenn ich das mal so sagen darf^^
    Naya sehen uns ya bestimmt bald nochmal
    Liebe Grüße Taty.<3

  6. At the risk of sounding cliche – he’s so beautiful he makes me cry. <3
    … well, maybe not cry, but certainly tear up a little and giggle like a schoolgirl.

  7. Solid board! Really like this agency! Ash is strong and I like Ben Hill for a more mature look. Nate Gill is solid! Overall they all are quite impressive.

    I like this agency and curious to see the lastest power! With talent like this, its looking good.


  8. so weird, I know someone who looks just like him and his name as well is Alex, although the one I know has slightly lighter red hair.

  9. Ash超迷人的.他的女友Eliza也很棒!