1. Loving Eddie Wrey. Saw him at show’s in New York. I predict he’ll take Milan by storm.

  2. Oh my God!!!!!!!! this is an amazing package!!!!!!!! The best models in the world … .all together!!!!!!!!!!!!! FASHION MODEL YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cristiano is the best booker of the agency!!!! Amazing Package!!!!!!!

  4. puff Emiliano Ottavi is much better.. the others looks so fragile like a kid… and chris has ears like antena :D =kidding= but emiliano different. he looks cool …however why he doesnt have any web pages with his photos :((

  5. Rapha. Continue brilhando, continue sendo aquele garoto educado e amável que conhecemos ainda moleque na casa de seu tio em Caraguá. Que Deus te abençoie e te guarde, sempre. Nosso abraço carinhoso, desejando todo o sucesso do mundo. Tios Fábio e Edméa (SJCampos, SP, Brazil)

  6. i LOVE this guy, but i do not want to tell it to him :(
    siiiidney you are an amazing person, why are you a couple wit the +++++ bianca !?!