The men of Major Paris are ready to rumble. With stars like Adrian Wlodarski and Travis Hanson leading the pack they are primed to dominate the runways this season. Their straight to the point cards bearing three choice images of each model highlight the versatility of every boy as well as the diversity of their roster. Any casting director looking for that extra special something need look no further.

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  1. top 1.75 centimeters, weight 79 kilograms, with excellent genetics and a charming smile

  2. Alexis, Borys, Brian, Ian, Sam, Thibault & Travis. Sexy men at Major Paris!

  3. omg my darling nil!! well done on your success, we knew youd make it! hope to cross paths again one day.

    xoxo tahlia

  4. Who’s James Sorrentino? is he new ? he’s a new Bill Gentle. That’s money !!!

  5. but that 3rd photo isnt Travis but Chad White my fav model of Major agency:)

  6. Well seems I was right :-) Versace, Westwood and C.P. Company in Milan.

    What’s he gonna do in Paris???

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