1. Wow, I really love Chris H’s look. Im hoping he books some real legit shows and starts his career off. I know a supermodel when I see one and with the proper development he can easily be top 50 and in top 5 possibly finally even beat Sean O Pry! Chris H has a odd but very hot look, he reminds me of so many different super models like Sean O Pry, Sebastian Suave, Leebo Freeman, Lars Burmeister thats just to name a few. Very very cool facial features, from the cheek bones to the far away deep eyes to his jaw line and etc! He has striking features very demi god like!

    Another model I like is Willy Monfret but I’ve always liked Willy. Chris H is now my new favorite and Im sure in quick time he’ll show me and others why. This is just my opinion a girl who lives and loves and even interns in many fashion shows and fashion events but what do I know. – Diamond in the rough

  2. Omg RAIN IS SO HOT! On BOTH packages as male and female?

    Seriously it’s refreshing to see an agency actually NOT pigeonholing models into stereotypes based on their appearances. I hope this model is able to redefine what feminity truly is.

    That isn’t just a fashion forward move Major a Management- that’s forward thinking.