1. well done Red great mix of guys and well chosen – great to see you up high

  2. Its another victory for RED….As a glowing reddish mist clears, Ride Of The Valkyries is blaring in the background,strobe lights are flashing and the figure of a deity emerges. He looks around the room, wipes his brow and then motions towards his throne. Off goes the man bag, on goes a pair of reflective vintage Gucci Aviator sunglasses and a headband emblazoned with a “rising Sun” logo and yes the lips are pursed. Like the pilot of an F18 fighter jet he settles into the seat of his cockpit, straps on his harness, picks up the phone and launches operation code name “Romeo-Echo-Delta.Foxtrot-Whiskey 13” “This is Lieutenant Colonel JW Babin aka the “Babmeister” General getting ready for take off!”