1. Where is Karolijn Zomer??!!
    She’s prob the strongest girl that they have. She’s amazing.

  2. IMG is great, so great they dont have to even put 1/4 of the top gals in the package…
    It must be nice to sit on top.

  3. Xiao Wen Ju looks so cute in her photo!!! Dying . Also , Frida looks so supermodel in her card!

  4. Where is Joan Smalls??? I guess she can afford to be more selective – the life of a supermodel. Hope we see her in top shoes and in Europe!

  5. I think we’ll see Joan no matter what. um she’s #1 in the world of course she has to be more selective this season

  6. IMG has the best show package this season. Beautiful presentation for the girls. Xiao is adorable. Wishing her a strong season.