1. Aminata is stunning.

    But can somebody tell me, why they use the US-flag as a cover when it’s IMG Paris? Maybe I’m only too bad informed to grasp the sense behind that but I just asked myself what that means..

  2. Daria Strokous is amazing!

    The facts are undeniable. The truth has come to light. There is no longer any doubt in the international world of fashion as who is the new rising star flying towards the most coveted status of Super Model – the one and only Daria Strokous (Period!)

    She has shined incredibly in the European Fashion Shows and New York is waiting in anticipation for this star to grace them with her long, classy, and confident steps once more! A pure confidence and incalculable style & class that can only come from a model, few in fashion history, who seem to understand the complex art which goes behind it all in such a natural way, its almost effortless. Designers are sure to cover her in their creations expected to be the best we have seen in years and photographers are sure to covet her as their lenses capture a beauty which only once in a lifetime us mere mortals get to experience. Only since the days of the first great supermodels have we been able to admire such a real true and uncontested muse. It is for the first time the world can agree in unison to the famous fraze, “From Russia with Love!”.

    Thank you Russia for a much needed freshness the world of fashion, photography, and art have been oh so waiting for, and Daria Strokous – whatever you are doing to us – PLEASE KEEP ON GRACING THOSE RUNWAYS AND COVERS!

  3. andreea diaconu !!! i dont like her compcard so much but that FACE AND PRESENCE!! i hope she’ll take Paris by storm….

  4. raghnhild,andreea,jules daria s and yasmina are the NEW it girls to me ! i cant belive Jac wount be in Paris…not to mention about Du juan…

  5. i love Lovani, she’s doing pretty well, i hope i can see her in big shows here in paris also!
    Great package show, great girls, but the cards are to simple

  6. same with the rolling stone mag and the cover of the new japanese vogue men the us flag is everywhere !!! same on the clothes too!!!

  7. great package ! great tendance; i saw the box also magazines like flair and mixte US flag for fashion!!! yep

  8. yes the best girls and US flag for fashion yep… is everywhere….