1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show package!!!!!
    Love Siri!!!
    Love Toni!!!
    Love Erin!!!
    Love Portia!!!
    Love Margaryta!!!

    And love the 2 new girls Lisanne and DORITH!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are AMAZING!!!!

    Are they dutch???

  2. i think emma champtaloup is amazing!!!
    she is an incredible model i shot her once and she was most definitely one of the best models iv ever worked with ever, she knows how to pose right down to her big little toe and an fierce catwalk stomper.
    i know she will go far in this industry and she will rip up milan!

  3. Siri Tollerod -She is beautiful, her presence is strong and confident and her eyes tell a lot. It’s a shame shes not taller. She is holding for Balmain campaign, things will be good for her i can see!

    Emma Champtaloup -This girl is the stereotype of what a supermodel should be. Legs to the sky along side a stunning, yet interesting face with a memorable beauty spot and sharp jaw line.
    This girl definitely could take the fashion industry by storm, but where is she? Whose her New york agent?

    Lisanne De Jong – WOW. She is also amazing, tall and slim with a youthful yet edgy look. She gives a innocent sex appeal, very fresh faced and radiant. I think she will do good things. I can imagine shed be great for Prada.. we will see.