1. Thats unbelievable!! Anja Patzer, the Austrian candidate from Heidi Klums “Germanys Next Topmodel” is here! She did not reach a remarkable place because of her bad walk as it was said so by the TVs jury.

    So me as well as Louisa von Minckwitz (discovered Julia Stegner at Oktoberfest) from Louisa Models Munich are gonna to eat our words: the model candidates from this TV show CAN DO IT in the high fashion. Not bad! Paradoxally the top winners of the German show arent present in the high fashion.

  2. Yeah I recognized her too! She was number 6 in the second season of the show. But it’s always like this: there are some number-twelves and number-fifteens who amounted to much more than the winners or the finalists! Those only show up sometimes in some of our stupid TV-shows…;)

  3. unbelievable she lived in our street in the netherlands (herinckhave in Almelo)and now she growed up like this. i wish you good luck girl!!!!