1. by the way that is not Lakshimi….

    that is Yasmine Warsame in the second photo..
    they don’t look alike that one would confuse them…
    keep it classy..

  2. Storm has the coolest girls in London…

    The new faces are great too!!…I love that Yvonne!

  3. Better get those GOOFYFISHEYES checked… that is Lakshmi in both photos.

  4. Wow – this is the most considered and stylish show pack I’ve seen this season! Great girls, great design. AMAZING!

  5. GREAT PACKAGE ! Best girls in London ! love the Design !
    Why isn’t Lydia Beesley in the package, she did many shows in lwf s/s 09 ??
    Love Masha T. Such an interesting face ! Good luck !!

  6. Lydia Beesley should have been in the package. There was a mistake :( ??

  7. tanya is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!she is a queen!!!!!!!!….the best model in these times ;)))))))))))))