1. ROCKem SOCKkem RE:Quest…I know there are several more in the wings…
    ..let them come out

  2. She’s just stunning. I’m so glad that real models are finally coming back beautiful,tall just flawless. ( Way to go Request )

  3. Mark, one girl is better than having six or more girls that dont cut it. have a cup of tea girl

  4. Mark,
    Totally agree with Swain. Better for the agency to put their energy into a girl that they feel could actually book shows. There’s actually nothing
    more sad for the models than to go on 50-60 appointments and not get one show. Perhaps, the other girls will be ready for next season. In the meantime, Emily is ready to rock and roll!


  5. I agree. One amazing girl is better than one amazing with 6 other ok girls. Let’s not waste anybody’s time. For now, you guys are giving away one girl and to me, she’s gorgeous. She’s definetely going to book many shows. Tall, beauty, and fits the requirements of a runway model.

  6. i like modles this i like when i watch somebody in tv show or in magzine somewhere but i am too far to catch someone for take me there ………………….tanks

  7. She is absolutely sensational. I really hope she does well this show season. She’s long and lean and has a stunning face to go with it. About time for Re:Quest to be put on the map. Now let’s see if they can keep it up!