1. Yummy boys. Each is as gorgeous as the next. And what a nose Garret has! Is that a nose job?

  2. MDC_367599, no that is not a nose job. I have known that young man since he was in primary/elementary school and everything you see is real. Yes he’s actually born that way.

    Hey ST, keep plugging away at it… this is but the start of many great things. If and when it gets tough out there remember you’ve always got people in your corner rooting for you.

    Gwan yaw mih fren!

  3. Garrett is so hot right now. His finely sculpted physique is without question a 10.

  4. Jim Kammerling is so good looking and hot and sexy………..His ayes have an amazing colour, his hair is perfect…….he’s handsome!!!!!!! he look’s like a prince

  5. He was my boyfriend for 18 months… and trust me… not a nose job haha! xxx