Trump Models hits the market with their strongest line-up of models ever, led by Lena Lomkova and Yulia Chumak (both Prada/Miu Miu girls last season) making their NY show debuts. Add to that the presence of Chanel F/W 2008 runway break out Ella Kandyba, Zac Posen and Proenza catwalker Atuai alongside Trump’s runway aces Hye Park and Siri. Making this selection of girls even livelier is the selection of Kip Frace’s artwork to frame the package imagery. These jam packed, chaotic drawings express Trump’s lively energy this season, an energy you can expect to see embodied in the form of Lia Serge, Adama Diallo, Stella Maxwell.

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  1. masha kirsanova and maria babikova and lena lomkova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ekat is soooo gorgeous

  2. I met Uliana in Paris a season ago and the girl has the most lean, amazing body I have ever seen!

  3. To Jon: No, she didn’t change her name. Someone in this agency just accidently incorrect spell her name that’s all.

    Anyway, Wow…this agency deiniftely have a lot new and fresh faces alongside strongest ones.


  4. Siri belongs to trump?
    she’s gorgeous and few of the models who don’t smoke
    love her :)

  5. Don’t know any of these girls. None of them really stand out to me. Maybe Masha if anything.

  6. ^
    You don’t know who Siri, Lisa Cant or Hye?!?!

    Ataui, Lena Lemkova and Ella K, expect big things from them.

  7. Love LOVE Trump’s girls especially Siri and HYE!!!

    Btw Eugenia Mendzhieva’s name isnt misspelt, the font is just a little funny- that is certainly an E

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