It is impossible to discuss One’s FW 09 show package without addressing the recent drum of doom and gloom being beat by the agency’s competition. Well this package hits back by broadcasting that even with recent departures, One’s board still blows away a lot of lesser players with a selection of girls that range from current must book, Ymre (in her first NY season) to eternally cool girls like Colette, Ann Catherine and Tasha Tilberg. Then there is the innovation and beauty of the package itself that proves that One is still a bastion of creativity and vision. Should any of this crew of newcomers crack into that blue chip inner circle (Watch Jules, Sheila, Ksenia, Elisa, Yulia, Julia and especially Janete) then this maverick will prove itself to be quite the contender. That is the wonderful thing about creativity and drive. Your destiny is yours to forge and yours alone. One has forged a powerful statement this season.

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