1. these are great! the cards, the men!
    tho a few great faces are missing like dylan and andrew smith? i wonder why

  2. They in my eyes are the best to do it… There guys are so great every season.. I must say the lack of color on this board is a little shocking….

  3. Andrew Smith is not in town he is working in Europa Europa.
    As for Dylan i saw him at castings.

  4. Let’s get serious, we all know the best model here is Eddie!!! He’s amazing and has such a great client list. Love him. As for new faces, I like Franco!

  5. Have to admit the DNA roster is awesome. The cards are hot. My favorite upcoming new face is to many to say.

  6. …my fave, Mat Gordon, Matt Loewen and Toms Birkavs, no doubt.
    Up to the highest standards always.

  7. When is this fashion week going to be?

    I’m looking froward to seeing Toms (Birkavs) !

  8. I wonder why there`s such little news about mat gordon these days, is he working in europe also? The cards do look great