1. Kevin is awesome-very predictable-but nice photograhy. The girls look great. Nice Package!!!

  2. SANJA looks amazing!!! If I had to judge by the show cards the strongest contenders are Sanja, Regina, and Lina. Avril looks better with her curly hair from last seasons show card and hers along with Israela’s and Karolina’s photo does not do them any justice. Maria looks beautiful but it seems like her photos could be better also. Alyona’s full picture looks better and Anna’s beauty shot looks better than her far. I love the whole classic look concept though. Great package!

  3. Lina Sabani is the best ‘ shes my friend .. i really love her, and i wish her the best .
    Cuz she wanted this since she was a little girl – and now she moved to new york to make her wishes come true!

    best luck to u my giiirl (K)(L)

    Beneta G .

  4. This is such a beautiful package. I am really impressed with stunning classic photography and MC2.
    wonderful job!!!!!!!

  5. WOW! Great package. Clean. Elegant. Beautiful design. I really like the way the colors compliment the photography, without distracting from the girls. It works! Great job guys. Love Sanja, Karolina, Alyona.
    I’m impressed!!

  6. I like this package but when you have to compare these girls to the others from various agencies its a little tough competition. When putting a package together you have to put your best girls forward and I’m not sure if these girls will match up (to Doutzen, Izabel, Arlenis, Sessilee, Sasha, Gemma, Agyness, Jessica, etc). Just think about it. You know what would of made a great show package?

    Liu Dan, Suzana H, Regina, Israela, Anya M, Anna W, Alex C, Elena P, Marina T, Monica V, Barbora S.

    and include new faces such as Sanja, Sarah B, Michelle C, Lina, Karolina, and Avril

    This package would knock the socks off the other girls from the other agencies. But I really do like the layout of this one. A very clean and pure concept. And some new interesting faces. Nice package!!

  7. Gorgeous girls and an amazing package! Wish nothing but the best of luck to these girls (not that they even need any). The package is very short and sweet and unlike the other agencies who have a package of 90 girls its easier to concentrate on the packages with fewer models. 9 of Mc2’s best girls looking nothing but their very best;.)