1. i do like next’s girls. but originally, karlie was from elite, imogen from supreme, marloes from img, and agnete from ford… it makes you wonder.

  2. good girls, but yea you are right Doug, why all the girls are from other agencies?

  3. Clara looks a lot sleeker now… can’t wait to see her again.

    But I’m not seeing the new girls I was hoping for. In fact, there’s not a single runway rookie in this package. No brand new faces? I guess we’ll have to wait until Europe…

  4. Well lets hope Marloes & Imogen fare better than Agnete after switching agenices, Agnete was hot property when she was with Ford and now where is she?

  5. Let’s take a look season-two back: girls switch agencies all the time… usually they join IMG and Women, but with Next there’s been one YOUNG from Ford, IMG, Supreme. Not big, sure moneymakers, but promising new ones. That means Next takes development seriously.

    And take a look of the package: How many OLD names you see? From these 16 models Anja is the ‘oldest name’. And concentrating just this small amount of models tells Next have to stand 100% behind every one of them, to make a good season. Thinking about girls, this is the best management for them – quality before quantity. Hint for scouts: who’s going to find the dark girl for Next? =) Their Chanel Iman or Jourdan Dunn. Only missing part.

  6. Why is everyone here bitching about the fact that girls came from other agencies. Look at Women.They have SOOOOOOOOOO many girls from other agencies. IMG is the same. Girls switch left right and center.
    This has been happening forever…….so why start to talk about it now??


    Dutch girls rock. :)

  7. It seems half of the Women show package is from DNA?? Why is everyone pointing fingers at girls switching? And IMG… Julia Stegnar, Marina Peres, Stam… that list would go for days.

  8. Next was Marloes her first agency in NY, and I heard that IMG drop her because the mother agent didn’t place her with IMG NY.
    They are so stupid, and Next so lucky!

    Marloes is sooooooo stunning!!! She will rock this season for sure!!!!

  9. who does women have that came from dna?

    snejana, agyness, cameron… that’s it

  10. I will keep it short and sweet. I have worked with most of these girls and they
    will rock the shows.
    Karlie we love you!!!!!!!!!

  11. Love the Next show package! However, it would be nice to see more than just One girl who is not Caucasian. But all in all, a stunner of a board.

    Doug – I believe Mariacarla was originally with DNA as well.

    What those who actually pay attention to these things sees may seem like a girl made a huge mistake or taken a leap of faith, but in the end it is a business. These girls are just wanting what is best for them to make it & usually what is best is written within the lines of their contracts or in the relationships they build with their bookers, both of which we cannot see.

  12. Why didn’t you post Valeriya Melnik’s card??
    She’s the only one missing compared to the package posted on Next’s modelwire!

  13. I’ve worked with Marloes once, she’s a STUNNER!!! She just delivers it… She’s one of the FEW girls that I’ve worked with who has an amazingly EXPRESSIVE face and she understands her body so well…


  14. I must say JESSICA MILLER looks amazing on her show cards!!! Is she a new face?? She’s surely going to book alot of shows! Go Jessica!!