A new division of Women Management, Women Direct hits the New York market with its first ever show package. For FW 09 a super-edited board of 9 faces are on offer, 8 of of them new and one of them, Natasa Vojnovic verging on the iconic. Currently among casting directors, there is a fantastic advance buzz on Alla, but this Women Direct board certainly merits a go-see slot for each and every one of these girls. Which just goes to show how advanced the Women scouting network has become these days.

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  1. Loving Dorathea .. Great new girls, will be very interesting to see how this board develops.

  2. my question is WHY? with Women and Supreme, was it necessary to add another board? Im more interested in scouting agencies like Ford and Elite for new girls

  3. I’m confused, what is this agency? Does this subdivision of women have a website? I agree I don’t really see the point of another sub-agency, is this like Select Verve? But that is another name for their development board, but this surely isn’t Women’s development board, confused.

  4. I think Women Direct is the new version of Nemes, right? But Nemes never had their own Show Packages. I’ve never understanded what Names is…

  5. I understand the new division in Milan to bury finally the old ‘Names’, but if Women is now TOP, Supreme represents interesting, alternative talents, what really is Women Direct in N.Y? I’m sure there’s an idea, but from far it seems like ‘waiting room’; to not mix up show statistics of the main divisions.

    But we need to remember, there’s a lot of labels looking for a bit older buyers and audience, so maybe Women is once again seeing the future. Media talks about twenty big names, but to make money it’s better book them all. :)

  6. Loving these new girls ! i reckon we will be seeing alot of these kids marching down the runway this season, some amazing break out girls here.

  7. What the hell? These girls aren’t on the Women or Supreme websites and i can’t find a website for “Women Direct”. Confused…


  9. Awesome! I love Dorothea!!! Depressing that Women Direct can’t even spell her name correctly…