1. These look great, but they really need to get a better logo. It looks really cheap somehow.

  2. i agree with scout, i do like the cards and think they’re creative!
    but the logo is not happening.

  3. Wow, you can tell that they actually got a few good photographers to shoot the girls, but then they killed it with design and that logo?!?!?

  4. Logo is too much Christmas bling from Macy’s sales. Maybe just that text, without that shining ball would help. Or is there some philosophy linked to that ball perhaps?

    And if we all notice logo, it’s bad for the girls they should book. If the ball were available it would probably do all the shows! :P

  5. Its too much. The red with the backround beauty shots, with the popping out full shot, with the measurements, and color, and 3D pop outs. It’s kinda distracting. But I do like STANG!!!

  6. I agree with the Logo, is too much, it should be a little more simple.
    Maria has a very different look though, she looks very interesting..