Marilyn Management enters the FW 09 sweepstakes with a Japanese inflected show package that also cleverly manages the fact that the agency brims with some of the best breaking faces on the market today. Think Eniko and Constance, Anya K and Liu Wen, Arlenis and Gracie. All 6 of these girls are major contenders for blue chip catwalk service this season in New York and that’s not counting the welcome return of Irina Lazareanu. That’s an amazing feat as the new generation Marilyn is not making its case on the back of a few scattered girls here and there. The consistency of line continues in breaking faces like Shanna K, Hanna R and Melo. The eternal appeal of that quirky yet feminine touch that makes Marilyn distinct from other management companies makes its appearance on the back of the card in the form of an anime style character. Marilyn’s key signage is stripped down these days to a capital M which is suitable for a company with so many girls set to go massive. It is an enviable position to be in.

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  1. I love Eniko, not sure about the showcards…perhaps the typo “inflicted” for inflected was a freudian slip?

  2. interesting cards. very playfull. but i dont like that they used old photos. grrrr.
    well, im a great fan of some of this models like eniko and tabea… etc…
    i still believe in marilyn, so marylin, please, next time, at least new photos.

  3. For its size, Marilyn really has.. an amazing selection of the best girls…

  4. It is a modern, stripped down and cool, and you can actually see the models. Beautiful, best yet.


  5. this woulda been cooler if they’d used more than just one language for the stats. it could have encompassed the whole globe!

  6. Here’s hoping Caroline Ribeiro comes back in a big way. Last season was so sad seeing her walking for lame labels. At least De La Renta(used to be a big fan of hers) should book her.

  7. han is working it!
    i’m looking forward seeing her in fashionweek
    she got everything!