1. maybe this will be the season?? Its a shame they lost Rose Cordero though no? Good for her, but for Wilhelmina..

  2. ..good for them. The board looks nice and clean.
    Wishing them the best!

  3. Wilhelmina is Wilhelmina. I dont think that this agency will change unless they get major bookers.They try hard but from a directional point it never happens. It could be nice to see them move forward but I doubt it as Dieter (the owner) just cant get it.

  4. After a TV Show on VH1 publicly proclaiming how difficult it is for their Women’s board to break a star out, and with so many roster changes on their Women’s board, it seems like there is only one way for Wilhelmina to go–and that is up.

    If only they didn’t have so much paperwork involved with their bookings!

  5. I love that agencies are already watching them to see who they are scouting… Its just a sign they are on their way back up. It’s alway more fun to watch the under dog.

  6. Parabéns a Wilhelmina!!!
    Nataline é Fenomenal!!!
    Sucesso a todos!!!

  7. Wilhelmina is doing great!!!
    Girls look stunning, I saw few of them for a go-see…

    That’s what happens when you have a strong director running the board. Mia has really changed Wilhelmina’s women board…and I have a feeling it is only the beining!!! =)

  8. There are definitely a few stars in the bunch here. I can’t wait to see what else Wilhelmina puts out.

  9. Sarah? Marilyn of Paris Sarah? Have seen her through Independant too. Would have placed her with Woman or DNA.
    Very interesting. Hope they can keep her.

  10. I wish Sarah would add a. “raw” photo of herself like Sarah did—it is more tantalizing for the imagination to see her in more types of work–

    My pick is Sarah — or nathaline only because I see a natural raw beauty that I’m sure Sarah posses– plus the photo of Sarah clawing at her face is bad- she’s still my favorite