1. anastasija k. so great…
    boring showcards, but exciting faces!
    my fav new face is::::: Laurel. WOW.

  2. How elegant and unexpected! Thanks to the designer for giving the industry a much needed and fresh perspective on art and fashion!

  3. I don’t understand how does a leaf represent time of sacrifice?
    and the fact that t was not all black & white but mixed photos took away from it… Also it reminds me of IMG did a few seasons ago but theirs had a much better execution!!

  4. I adore it!!!
    And “Ver Sacrum”? How inspired is that?
    It’s a beautiful package, with a very graceful and lovely layout.
    And Katty and Kiki rock!

  5. Ditto Ruth. And I’m sure Tyra Banks will be very happy to see that one iof her “babies” (Fatima from ANTM10) has a card in the package.

  6. I think they’re ok, nothing special. But I really prefer simple cards like these over Supreme’s pretentious spectacle.

    Some great new girls too, especially Heleen and Daria P (she looked amazing in Paris last season, definitely one to watch!).

  7. New York Models are a great agency with great bookers. I do love the girls and the cards look good. I think NY Models will have a great season not because of the cards-BUT because they have great girls that are being pushed by great bookers i.e. George and the team! NY Models is one of the coolest agencies at the moment. I feel that after this show season they will move up several notches and all thier hard work shall glow as they,as a team are glowing very bright already!! I love NY!!

  8. I think Giedre is coming into her own. She is star bound. Really love her.

  9. I’m sooooooo excited for Laurel!! Keeping my fingers crossed for her <3

  10. Fatima looks great. Tyra is probably super stoked that both Dani and Fatima will be walking this year.

  11. Martina is the Best, she is super and unique, to much glamour !! she had everything !!!

  12. Don’t they represent Grace Kelsey? She should be doing shows again! I love her.